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Nemin Vora

Chief Executive Officer

Odysse EV

EVS - ROAD AHEAD Switching to zero carbon emissions

Oct 17, 2022

…says Nemin Vora, Chief Executive Officer, Odysse EV. In an interaction with Neha Basudkar Ghate, he looks back on the journey of his start-up and talks about the challenges and market demands that his company had been catering to since its inception. Excerpts...

What is the motivation behind starting this business?

With a desire to create an eco-friendly ecosystem around mobility solutions, I started my own venture in the electric vehicle segment. We create one of its kind 100% electric, personal mobility platform that partners with the world’s leading EV parts manufacturers, mobility technologies and unlocks the era of smart urban electric mobility for consumers. We started our journey by manufacturing e-rickshaws in 2017 with a strong distribution base across eastern India. To further the cause of e-mobility, we announced the launch of Odysse Electric Vehicles. in March 2020, a boot-strapped start-up, engaged in manufacturing electric bikes and scooters. Headquartered in Mumbai, we are a part of Vora group of companies which has a varied line of businesses. We are primary focused on automobile-based products.

What are the product offerings?

The Odysse EV scooters is specifically into zero carbon emissions, with options ranging from economical e-scooters to premium performance-oriented sports bikes. As such, both the first-time buyers and enthusiasts have a variety of e-scooters to pick from. We offer a low-speed product E2go that meets the requirement of short-distance travel. Our high-speed registered models - racer & hawk are a perfect match for daily users, women as well as the young generation.

In your initial days, what challenges were witnessed?

When we started off, some prominent challenges faced included designing the right product, finding suppliers, explaining product USP to potential dealers & customers, what problem we are solving and making them believe in our vision, product quality & our capabilities. Looking out for the right people who could see our vision and work towards making it a reality was one of the major challenges.

What makes your product different from other EV manufacturers?

Odysse is one of its kind 100% electric mobility platform that partners with the world’s leading EV part manufacturers, mobility technology experts and unlocks the era of smart urban electric mobility for consumers. We are quality seekers & a quality-conscious entity. Every product manufactured is inspected and rigorously tested by quality engineers before it reaches our customers. We deliver best of technologies that this segment has to offer.

How do EVs cater to sustainability and cost efficiency?

Electric vehicle is a cost-effective alternative to ICE vehicles. For a two-wheeler buyer, the payback period for an EV is around 24 months. This actually makes it free for customers, therefore, attracting consumers to buy more and more electric vehicles. Not only do they help save fuel costs, but they are also a sense of satisfaction as you end up contributing towards making the world a better place to stay by reducing carbon emissions as well as noise pollution.

What are your company’s growth plans?

We are looking forward to building 100 outlets across 50 cities by the end of 2022. In next five years, we aim to be a well-renowned brand in the electric vehicle segment by clocking 1 million Odysse customers.

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