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Shankar Karnik

General Manager – Industrial Lubricants

ExxonMobil Lubricants

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COOLANTS & LUBRICANTS Sustainability is no longer a mere choice

Dec 10, 2019

…says Shankar Karnik, General Manager – Industrial Lubricants, ExxonMobil Lubricants. He throws light on the emerging growth trends that are expected to propel the demand for lubricants, the company’s commitment to minimising environmental impact and the significance of using the right type of lubricant. Excerpts…

As ExxonMobil recently launched Mobil DTETM 20 Ultra series, can you please elaborate on the benefits of the product? Which key industries does it cater to?

The new Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series is designed for all industries with hydraulic oil applications. The oil is designed to deliver up to two times longer oil life and an exceptional performance in the harshest of conditions, helping industries achieve unprecedented performance goals easily. The new series lowers maintenance frequency, minimising man-machine interaction. The oil also provides improved deposit control of 89.2% for longer oil life and precision operations.

What specific challenges faced by machine shops/manufacturing sector does Mobil DTE 20 Ultra address?

Hydraulic systems across industries need maintenance due to both, oil and machine factors. As the oil oxidises with time, deposits are formed, causing replacement of both, oil and filter. Moreover, often, even valves, pumps and other parts of a machinery wear with age, wherein the damaged components require replacement. This maintenance can be reduced and made effortless by using Mobil DTE 20 Ultra as it plays a major role in slowing down equipment ageing and decreasing maintenance efforts.

Which new trends and innovations will shape the future of the lubrication industry and propel its growth?

The emerging growth trends that are expected to propel the demand for lubricants, both globally and in India, are high demand from the automotive sector, where the increasing demand for lightweight passenger cars and heavy-duty commercial vehicles has fostered global automotive production, which in turn is conducive for the development of lubricants for multiple applications in this field. Also, the rapid industrialisation in countries like India, China, Brazil and Mexico has encouraged applications in industrial machinery maintenance, thus driving the lubrication sector.

Could you comment on the requirements and challenges related to the Indian manufacturing sector. How does your company’s lubricants meet these requirements?

Tool life and uptime are critical to the success of the Indian manufacturing industry. We invest heavily in research and development to help the sector overcome these challenges; Mobil lubricants are formulated with product compatibility in mind, since machine and machine tool lubricants often commingle. Besides, we also provide a range of technical services to help keep machine shops running at peak efficiency while also extending machine and oil life.

How important is the selection of the right lubricant for right applications? How does your company assist customers in choosing the right lubricant?

With usage of the lubricant closely linked to varying factors like environmental conditions, load & temperature, getting the usage right is imperative for manufacturers. Whenever a new machine or component is installed, one of the first things to be addressed is the type of lubricant to use. Base oil viscosity is one of the most important properties manufacturers consider when making a lubricant recommendation. It should take into account the speed, load and ambient temperatures. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the working environment of a component could be outside the manufacturer’s tested parameters.

Could you elaborate on the company’s efforts in the direction of developing sustainable and eco-friendly metalworking fluids?

Today, sustainability is no longer a mere choice, but is now embedded into the very core of every activity. Our innovative products and services help deliver tangible performance benefits in the areas of safety, environmental care and productivity. In terms of safety, innovations in product formulations and services deliver long lubricant life. Purely in environmental terms, our commitment to minimising an environmental impact has created technologically advanced products and services, which is achieved through optimised oil drain intervals. Many of our advanced-technology lubricants lower overall traction versus mineral oils, helping to reduce the amount of fuel or energy consumed.

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