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Larry Page



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Mar 4, 2019

America’s Most Popular Chief Executives

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, revolutionised the Internet when he was just 20, creating a search engine that is used by billions of people across the world on a daily basis. With Page’s long-term vision and out-of-the-box thinking, he came up with the idea of inventing such a search engine.

Born in Michigan in 1973, Page had parents who were both computer experts. So, it was no surprise that he took after them and studied computer engineering at Stanford University. That is where he met Sergey Brin. For someone who always believed in having and implementing crazy ideas, Page, along with Brin, came up with one as a research project – to create a search engine that listed results according to the popularity of the pages, after concluding that the most popular result would often be the most useful. This search engine came to be called Google. Paying attention to small details, Page decided to call the search engine “Google” because of the mathematical term “googol,” which denotes the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros, to replicate their task to arrange the massive amount of information existing on the web.

One of the many qualities that make Page an excellent leader is that he is quick and concise. He has worked to foster a quicker, more agile management approach at Google, which hires 26,000 people around the world. He has also asked his staff to give him 60-word updates or pitches on their current projects. Besides, he also looks to inspire faster decisions and openness. Top executives are said to sit around together for one day a week — time for collaboration
and quick choices. And he looks to boost the immediacy-minded attitude that is there at YouTube, which Google bought in 2006.

But besides YouTube, Google has other several achievements, from Gmail and Android to Ad Sense and Google Maps. Google Maps with Street View & Google’s book digitisation project, especially, came with a lot of perseverance from Page. The book digitisation project idea came to him when he was studying at Stanford and it took him six years to get the staff to work on it. As for Google Maps, Page says that after convincing himself it would work, he kept working on convincing others. Elaborating on this, he says, “Invention is not enough. You have to get it out to people and make sure they use it.”

In 2009, Page received an honorary doctorate from the University of Michigan during a graduation commencement ceremony and was also named number one in Forbes’ ‘America’s Most Popular Chief
Executives’ as voted by its employees, in 2015. Page changed the way the world learnt. However, that was not enough for
him and he yearned to do more. Larry Page is a leader, who is never content with what he has achieved, always striving to
attain better than last time.

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