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SMART FACTORY EXEMPLIFIED Smart pumping solution – A pay-check towards sustainability

Sep 23, 2022

The concept of smart factories is in itself showcases the hidden savings within the company’s factory walls. Same is the case study drafted down of Haldiram Snacks, who upgraded their existing pump system with Grundfos Solutions and saved 40% energy also reducing carbon footprint. - Omveer Singh, ACP – Engineering, Haldiram Snacks

As pumps are the lifeblood of any manufacturing industry playing vital role in countless application and processes, the automated and IoT based pumps are shaping the speciality pumps market and transforming the players to move ahead while saving from within.

Based in Noida, Delhi-NCR, Haldiram Snacks, multinational sweets, snacks and restaurant company, was facing several issues relating to maintenance, high operational costs, and downtime were resolved after Grundfos performed an energy check on the existing pumping. The results for Haldiram were 40% energy savings and a substantial reduction in emissions, achieved with a payback time of just 11 months.

The overview

To maintain the highest global standards, time and quality are primarily crucial part for Haldiram. Pumps and systems play a vital role in each of the manufacturing processes in Haldiram and the company can’t afford downtime due to pump failure or frequent maintenance and challenges due to manual operations.

For one of their applications, Grundfos performed an energy check on the existing pumping system and found out that the pumping systems were oversized for the required performance. Due to the poor pump design, the pumps had a very low efficacy resulting in very high energy consumption and incurring huge operational costs. They wanted to upgrade the existing pump system with a reliable and energy-efficacy solution that resolved issues relating to maintenance, high operational costs, and downtime.

The solution

The Grundfos approach is always customer-centric and with a focus on providing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. Grundfos is the sole provider of pumping solutions for various applications in Haldiram, such as HVAC & R, designing robust plumbing and resystem, and many such others. Grundfos has also optimised the storm water management system with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS and automated the processes, reducing operational cost and batch time.

The outcome

Grundfos has to date supplied 55 pumps for applications ranging from the water supply, water transfer, drainage, and storm water. In particular, the following savings were attained among one of the above applications:

  • 54% reduction in connected load

  • 11-month payback time

  • 40% energy savings

  • 28.7 tons/year of CO2 emission reduction

  • 125,056 kWh of annual energy reduction

Grundfos provided water solutions for various applications in Haldiram Snacks and assisted in reducing their carbon footprint and batch time at their production facility. The solutions included:

NB series end suction pumps for HVAC chilled water system (primary & secondary) and for brine water transfer application.

  • CM Series for domestic and RO water application

  • Hydro Multi-E 4 x CRE booster sets for cleaning & washing

  • DPK submersible range for waste water and drainage

  • Hydro Multi S 2 x CM pumps for rasgualla water transfer

  • Hydro Multi E 4x CRNE – RO for domestic water supply

  • SL, Hydro Multi E 3x CRNE, Hydro Multi E 3 x CRNE pump stations for strom water

  • Hydro MPC E 3 x CRE; Hydro Multi E 3 x CRE - hydro pneumatic system with multistage inline pumps.

  • NKF end suction pump sets are used driven by a diesel engine and/ or electric motor with a reliable controller according to EN standards for fire fighting applications

  • Electric motor driven jockey pumps - CR10-12 (vertical inline multistage pumps)

  • Sump pumps - DWK with control panel auto GIDPC - 2p -3ph 12 A

A positive outcome

Smart solution can bring in significant business value also subsidising with the environment. Such automated pump solution provided by Grundfos helps to provide the right approach to become a game changer of the industry and save from our own pockets.

Image Gallery

  • Issues relating to maintenance, high operational costs, and downtime are resolved

    Issues relating to maintenance, high operational costs, and downtime are resolved

  • Energy efficient and sustainable solutions

    Energy efficient and sustainable solutions

  • Omveer Singh
ACP – Engineering
Haldiram Snacks

    Omveer Singh

    ACP – Engineering

    Haldiram Snacks

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