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Shilip Kumar, President, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India

Image: Henkel Adhesives Technologies India

IMTEX Forming 2018 "Shaping participants’ minds to new possibilities"

Jan 3, 2018

...says Shilip Kumar, President, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India, while discussing his company's partcipation at the upcoming IMTEX Forming 2018 exhibition.

Can you highlight the new technologies & products from your company that are expected to be showcased in the upcoming IMTEX Forming exhibition this year?

Henkel is the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Some of the technologies and products that we will be showcasing include the LOCTITE® HY 4060GY™ and LOCTITE® HY 4090™, which are the next-generation universal structural bonders, powered by a patented hybrid technology that combine the most critical attributes of structural, instant and epoxy adhesives. LOCTITE PC 7350 Conveyor Belt Repair is another product that we will showcase. It can return conveyor belts to service in as little as two hours. BONDERITE duaLCys Process, also to be showcased at the exhibition, is a unique concept in machining and in-process cleaning for the metalworking market. It utilizes the synergy of recycling the in-process cleaner into the water soluble cutting fluid and is a perfect symbiosis between cleaner and lubricant. The TEROSON® Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD) will also be at display and it helps reduce the solid-borne noise and vibrations generated by the engine and the wheels in an automobile during driving. The final product to be ondisplay will be the BONDERITE M-NT SOLUTIONS, which are the next-generation metal pre-treatment technologies for painted metal surfaces that enable the increased use of light metals while maintaining excellent corrosion protection, eliminating the heavy metals and sludge generation.

What are your expectations from IMTEX this year?

At IMTEX Forming 2018, we hope to shape participants’ minds to new possibilities, create awareness and impart knowledge about Henkel and our range of innovative solutions that can help them save cost, increase reliability and productivity.

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