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Kausthub Kaundinya

Founder & CEO

Jarsh Innovations

SAFETY & SECURITY Research, innovate & develop new products

Jul 29, 2019

…says Kausthub Kaundinya, Founder & CEO, Jarsh Innovations, in this conversation with Anvita Pillai, wherein, he throws light on the journey behind starting Jarsh, their invention the AC helmet, the benefits incurred to the industry, future plans and more. Excerpts…

What was the concept and motive behind the inception of Jarsh Innovations?

During our engineering days, my partners and I wanted to do something that would be useful for the market and help in its growth. So, we started searching for problems rather than ideas to which we can find a solution. After a couple of months of vague searches, we understood the best problem we could search solutions to was the problem that we are facing. We then started brainstorming on that front, and one of the biggest problems we faced during that time was wearing helmets on the bike during summers. One would not be willing to risk safety on the roads, but the discomfort of it was way too much to bear with while riding. That is when we came up with the idea of AC helmets for bikes. But when we started with the market research to understand the price point and market needs, we realised that helmet discomfort during summers is a much bigger problem in the manufacturing industry as compared to on a bike. That is when we started working on developing an AC which was compact enough to fit the industrial helmets. By the time we finished college, we started Jarsh and had a prototype of an industrial AC helmet ready.

Can you briefly explain to us how does your product, AC industrial helmets, work and how is it better than a normal safety helmet?

Fortunately/unfortunately, there are no other companies in the market who are making industrial AC helmets. This is the first and best choice right now in the entire world for AC helmets, but of course, we are aware that as time passes by, there will be competitions for us. The basic concept of it is that it is not a helmet, per say. According to us, it is an equipment that helps users increase their productivity. This happens primarily because biologically, our body gets stressed out when we are in extremely low/high temperatures, hampering our productivity, especially, in large industrial facilities where there are close to 20,000 people working in extremely hot weather. Each person tends to work lesser than the usual due to the extreme unfavourable temperatures. Our product offers workers a safe and preferable working condition, which thereby increases their productivity.

How is the innovation approach in your company?

In terms of innovation, we are an R&D company. So, our basic goal and motto is to constantly research, innovate and develop new products. Post which we tie up with the existing companies to ensure a proper outreach to the products. We are currently in talks with some major helmet manufacturing companies in India and the world to promote our product. We don’t want to be like a regular sales company that grows its brand; we are a technology company and we want to develop new products and stay true to our ground.

It’s been 3 years since Jarsh has come into existence; what would you say were some of your biggest achievements/milestones till date?

I think the biggest achievement for us is that since we are the first company to build this product, we got the maximum market exposure and recognition. This has helped us get a lot of insights and knowledge from the senior most people of industry and veterans of the field.

Through our extensive research we have realised that Indian farmers are facing a major problem of wild boar encroachment in farms resulting in crop destruction. So, we are developing an electronic scarecrow that can keep the boars at bay without harming them in any way.

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