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ELECTRIC VEHICLES Redefining mobility through user-centric, technology-driven, hyper-scalable & value-driven solutions

Jul 28, 2021

…mentions Mohal Lalbhai, Founder & CEO, Matter – a technology start-up into manufacturing e-motorcycles and energy solutions – in his interview with Anvita Pillai. He discusses the upcoming launches of Matter, the necessities to ensure widespread adoption of EVs in India and more. Excerpts…

Matter is set to launch its electric motorcycle range soon. How far ahead are you in that project? What all can be expected in the launch?

We have branched out into two separate business lines – the first one is Matter Energy, which focuses on sustainable energy solutions. The second is ‘Mobility Solutions’, which will focus on electric two-wheelers. We plan to support India’s vision of embracing electric mobility by bringing a product that champions the performance and value-proposition of an IC engine with the positive environmental impact of an EV. We intend to launch our first product under Mobility Solutions by mid of 2022.

Can you elaborate on Matter Energy and how it is different from other energy storage and delivery solutions?

Matter Energy, launching in August 2021, will focus on stationary applications, including UPS, solar street lamps and inverters. It will focus more on grid level solutions ranging from 400 kilowatts to a megawatt level solution in battery for the solar and renewable segment. Backed by the extensive testing and validation, one of our focus areas will be to provide solutions to pure B2B business, especially for large-scale projects.

In a market saturated with EV two-wheelers from both start-ups and large enterprises, how do you plan to stand out?

India’s EV ambitions call for over 100 million vehicles cruising the roads, a corresponding demand for over 150 GWh in battery packs and millions of public charging stations. With the number of registered EVs in India touching just half a million (as of March 2020), our start-up aims to offer a sustainable mobility product that caters to the specific needs of Indian customers at a competitive price. Also, we are looking beyond the marketplace, as we believe that we are in a strong position to address climate change and environmental concerns.

India has been falling short in EV infrastructure and battery recycling set-up. What needs to change, and what more needs to be done?

India requires faster-charging solutions, which needs investment in charging station infrastructures. However, when we look at two-wheelers, whose energy requirements range from 1-5 kilowatts, a 5amp plug can charge it in one to six hours. A 15amp plug could potentially charge even a 5-kilowatt hour battery in two hours from zero to 100%. So, the need is to set up a convenient, affordable and easily accessible infrastructure for a range of users. The way India plans to shape its charging infrastructure, there is plenty of scope for a healthy mix of faster charging and battery swapping solutions.

What lies ahead for Matter? What are the long-term plans?

We envision redefining new-age mobility in India through electric innovations that are user-centric, technology-driven, hyper-scalable, but at the same time, value-conscious. Post the launch of energy solutions by Matter Energy, we will focus our energies on launching our first vehicle in early 2022. After that, we would start developing a range of electric two-wheelers to cater to the demand of various customer segments in the two-wheeler market.

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