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R Abilash Chakaravarthy

Founder & MD

ACE Robotics

REDUCING HUMAN INTERVENTION AT SHOP FLOOR Reaching lights-out manufacturing

Sep 14, 2022

... says R Abilash Chakaravarthy, Founder & MD, ACE Robotics. In an interaction with Neha Basudkar Ghate, he explains how his company’s i+ robots reduce human intervention and at the same time lower the dependability loopholes on shop floors. Excerpts…

Brief us on the journey of ACE Robotics and its benefits to the Indian MSMEs.

Founded in 2019, ACE Robotics is a dedicated wing focused to create and cater to MSME requirements. It specifically focuses on cost benefits for the MSME as well as creating more yields for the company. It has always been a dream for an MSME machining company to have a robotics system on their shop floor. We try to achieve this dream by providing a cost-effective and efficient robot for MSMEs.

What are the challenges in adopting robotics across the automation industry?

Today, one of the biggest barriers to adopting robotics is fighting the fear of convenience. Questions like what happens if something goes wrong, who will support in the long-term requirement; can we reach out to the manufacturer; can we get continual support and training from the manufacturer without further cost, are critical to address. For this, we are developing solutions that helps address such problems. We even have a programme where if a customer receives a unit from us, the company can get their limitless engineers trained in robotics in our facility free of cost. We do understand deploying robotics requires proper training and skill upgradation, and so we work towards that.

Tell us more about the MSME robot created by your company.

We offer i+ robots, a super-smart, fast and versatile synergetic pick & place robot. In the door opening of the CNC machine, which is roughly 250 to 300 mm, only the human arm can operate with the system, as other robotic arms are too huge to enter. However, we have customised/mimicked the robotic arm to the same size as the human arm, which can pick and pass the objects and perform activities around the small door opening which is generally done by humans only. This unique robot predominantly addresses the Indian MSME requirements, minimises production failure by human handling and reduces quality-related issues.

What makes i+ robots unique?

Today, robots utilised in India are imported. Whenever required, there are multiple levels of people involved in solving simple troubleshooting issues. The person’s presence causes further delay to solve a simple issue. To address such challenges, we produce supporting elements for the robot in-house like controller, software, mechanics, and electromechanics. This reduces delays caused by maintenance shutdowns or unplanned downtime. i+ robots can be integrated into any production domain for effective, efficient & consistent performance.

Moving forward, are there any expansion plans in the pipeline?

Currently, Ace Robotics is operating in a 3 kg segment with dual models. Along with this, we are working on newer models supporting higher payloads. We are also working on 6 kg and 12 kg models. Keeping in mind that the costs here need to be very low, we have planned to launch these bots before the end of this year. Also, we will soon start constructing our 1-acre facility in Chennai with complete servo motor and drive line in-house capacities to adapt new technology and reduce costs. We are planning to complete this project before the end of 2023.

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