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Parag Alekar, Chief Executive Officer, Nicolás Correa, SA, India Branch

Milling Machines “Providing an economical solution”

Feb 8, 2017

“ India, being one of the most important markets for global suppliers now, try to showcase & supply its best possible technology, which can be utilised by Indian customers (both technically as well as commercially).”

How has the IMTEX metal-cutting exhibition evolved over the years, according to you? How is the exhibition helping Indian machine tool/cutting tool manufacturers to compete globally?

Over the years, many global players have started displaying their products at IMTEX. If we consider the scenario 7-8 years back, not many global players thought of participating in the exhibition in India as this market was not on their priority list. The IMTEX machine tool show has gained the popularity and importance over the years and majority of the machine tool industry is present for the show. As India is one of the most important markets for global suppliers now, they try to showcase & supply their best possible technology which can be utilised by Indian customers (both technically as well as commercially). We can witness innovations and ideas showcased by domestic exhibitors as well.

Given that global manufacturing companies are moving towards the next industrial era - Industry 4.0, how will these trends be observed at IMTEX 2017?

Considering current market scenario and industry sentiment, it is very difficult to comment on this. But it will be interesting to watch smarter ways and extended opportunities for industries.

Taking into consideration the current uncertain economic situation in India, what are the possible ways in which IMTEX can drive growth in the manufacturing sector?

Our experience is that the economic condition in India is improving. The next 3 - 4 years will be crucial. Considerable growth will be observed in the manufacturing sector. The number of visitors to IMTEX is very large and response is phenomenal. Generation of enquiries and possibility of betterment in order status itself boosts the positive sentiment in the industry. IMTEX provides a vital platform for buyers and sellers. It is doing a great job by providing opportunity to acquaint oneself with the latest technologies at one place and making the choice easier.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking. What would be your company’s strategy post IMTEX 2017 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

Our focus is always to present ourselves as a ‘Solution Provider’ for the Indian industry. We, in India, have supplied more than 70 machines. We provide the best economical solutions with the latest technology to satisfy customer needs. We will continue doing that since the Indian industry needs the best technology & lowest production time in the most economical way.

Our Universal heads supplied with our machines are patented technology which helps us to satisfy the above mentioned needs. As a part of continuous improvement, we have introduced new machines offering world-class technology considering the growth in cost sensitive market.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally?

Cost competitive product with the best possible technology is the main factor.

How do you plan to align your company’s Vision 2020 strategy with the latest manufacturing trends along with government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, etc?

Our purpose of starting the Indian office was to promote ‘Make in India’. Presently, we are supplying the component fixturing & cutting tools from local suppliers as per our design. We are giving all fixturing solutions in India. We are also getting some accessories manufactured locally which we supply along with our machines. This is mainly to save on costs without compromising on the quality standards. As far as ‘Digital India’ is concerned, we have developed some apps for our machines, through which our customers can monitor the present status of the machine, components produced, etc. In case of any problem on the machine, customers can get SMS alert. Such facilities are made available to utilise our machines more efficiently using such monitoring features. ☐

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