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Narayan Subramanian


Ultraviolette Automotive

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E-MOBILITY Premium, performance-oriented vehicle is the right start to mass electrification

May 28, 2020

…mentions Narayan Subramanian, Founder, Ultraviolette Automotive, in his interview with Anvita Pillai. A maverick across automotive & aerospace engineering and consumer electronics, Ultraviolette has been creating mobility of the future. In this interview, Subramanian offers a dossier on electric vehicles in the Indian market, developments done by them in battery technology, their Ultraviolette F77 bike, and how they are sailing through this period of COVID-19 crisis. Excerpts…

Every automotive company in the market today is working on electrifying their two-wheeler models. What, according to you, sets apart the electric motorcycles produced by your company in the market?

Ultraviolette is developing high-powered, high-performance, electric two-wheelers. There are two main aspects that set us apart – firstly, the technology associated with the development of high-performance vehicle and secondly, electric two-wheeler markets and their perception. Which is why we believe a premium, performance-oriented vehicle is the right start to lead the way towards mass electrification.

Making vehicles ‘smart’ is a core factor taken into consideration before presenting a vehicle in the market. How do you bring in the ‘smart’ factor in your two-wheelers?

Smart is a philosophy that translates across our entire product and user experience. Right from the core battery technology to features on the vehicles to the connected experience. Our Ultraviolette F77’s full suite of electronic rider, connected interface, sensor fusion technology, real-time preventive maintenance technology, 5-inch high-brightness colour TFT touchscreen and smart battery packs are some of the early decisions we have for us to be future ready.

What have been the certain challenges for you till date in the Indian market?

The main challenges lie in breaking established notions when it comes to EVs around vehicle desirability, high performance, reliability, robustness, battery life, etc. It is for this reason that we had to start from scratch and develop technology capable of meeting all the Indian use case conditions, right from the entire vehicle architecture to the underlying battery technology.

Electric vehicles still lack a supporting infrastructure hindering it from becoming a widely adopted mode of transportation. How is your company bringing in ease of charging to its customers?

We realised very early on that a good product alone will not accelerate the transition towards electric mobility. We have built a lot of IP around the development of batteries and various forms of charging technology. The core technologies are: modular battery technology – portable batteries that can be carried to home/office; on board chargers – a standard on board charger to charge the vehicle overnight (six hours) and a portable fast charger that fits in a backpack and can charge the vehicle in 90 minutes.

How has the present COVID-19 situation affected your company? What are the plans put in place to gain momentum once business starts?

Most businesses worldwide are affected in various ways due to this COVID-19 crisis. We started preparing for this when the initial news started emerging and were able to facilitate work from home for most teams. The main activity that had been put on hold was the assembly of our pre-production vehicles, which as we speak, has resumed. As a company, we have taken strict measures to maintain adequate physical distancing between team members and high levels of hygiene. Moving forward, we will continue to operate with a combination of work from home and being on site.

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