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Hrishikesh Kamat


Shalaka Connected Devices

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INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGES IN VARIOUS SECTORS Predictive and preventive maintenance is a critical part of the Industry 4.0 road map

Jul 12, 2022

... mentions Hrishikesh Kamat, CEO, Shalaka Connected Devices, in this interview with A&D India magazine. He discusses the idea behind starting Shalaka Connected Devices, their Poka yoko platform, and more. Excerpts...

What was the idea behind starting Shalaka Connected Devices? How does it help the manufacturing industry?

The core motive behind starting an embedded and IoT-focused company was to build an innovation and research-focused organisation that could work towards solving problems faced by companies and individuals in various sectors, using technology as a foundation. Hence, instead of focusing on a feature rigid, generic problem-solving system, we emphasise on customisation-oriented approach. Problems faced by every industry are unique and require a bespoke technological solution.

At Shalaka, we understand industrial challenges in various domains. From connecting a machine to the internet, reporting the breakdown of machinery, remote logging of data from existing sensors, to complex challenges that rely on long-range data collection and data fusion, edge computing, and creating a digital twin, among others, we handle it all. Our team also works as an extended R&D team for organisations and assists them in solution and product development. We also provide manufacturing assistance for developed solutions and products.

What is the impact of IoT on AI and ML technologies?

AI and ML technologies rely on data for evolving and providing better results. IoT fundamentally focuses on generating a mammoth quantity of data using various remote sensors, and collecting the data in a cloud server, for further analysis. AI and ML engineers can utilise this data to generate better results. The cohesion of AI and ML with IoT technologies can be effectively seen when working on predictive and preventive models for industries. Predictive and preventive maintenance is a critical part of the Industrie 4.0 road map and is based on the data that is generated using various IoT technologies and relies on AI and ML technologies for generating results.

How does connected manufacturing bring in ease of production to both, the manufacturer as well as the end customer?

For manufacturers, the connected technologies provide more emphasis on improving reliability; reducing down-time; generating a digital twin of the factory for better analysis and auditing; reducing human effort and time for each stage of manufacturing; increasing accountability, and implementing technologies poka-yoke platform for a better quality of products. When focusing on end-users, the technologies are aimed at improving the accessibility of the product even when not in proximity. With sensors sending data to the customer and manufacturer (with the consent of the customer), the manufacturer can provide better customer service, faster maintenance, and repair work, and use the device feedback to improve future models for new customers.

What are the long-term and short-term goals envisioned for your organisation?

Currently, we are focusing on solving the problems faced by companies with lower technological adoption, thus making them technologically ready for the industrial revolution. As a long-term goal, we aim to work in cohesion with various companies and help non-technological companies become technologically empowered. We aim to become a single-window partner for all embedded and IoT needs. We are also focusing on creating awareness of new technologies through various seminars, events, research paper publishing, university engagements, and training events for students and corporates.

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