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Precision hardened & ground flanges

Specials Precision hardened & ground flanges

Dec 1, 2015

Wendt India has developed new precision hardened & ground flanges that are ideally suited for both conventional and super abrasive wheels. In the pursuit to excel the performance of super abrasive wheel it is important that the wheel is mounted, trued and balanced on the flange before mounting on the grinding machine. The company makes customised flanges to suit various makes/models of grinding machine may it be surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, centreless grinder, creep feed grinder and other similar machines. The flanges are manufactured from alloy steel case hardened and 58+2 HRC for its longevity and maintaining the precision. The flanges are made in diameter ranging from 100 mm to 500 mm. Larger diameter is also made depending on the customer requirement. In order to ensure accuracy of the grinding system from the locating taper of flanges and the flat surfaces, they are precision ground with surface finish of 0.4 μRa. The face and radial run out are maintained within 10μ, generally for precision flanges it will be within 5μ. The flanges are blackened for corrosion resistance and dynamically balanced prior to dispatch.

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