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Nitin Lall

General Manager – Industrial Technique Business Area

Atlas Copco

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SMART MANUFACTURING Performance is a continuous process

Feb 14, 2020

…asserts Nitin Lall, General Manager – Industrial Technique Business Area, Atlas Copco, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He stresses on the main focus areas of the company, the industry solutions it provides and its essay in tapping into new opportunities in the market. Excerpts…

How is the roadmap to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing different for your company? Which are the new organisational capabilities that need to be developed?

The digitalisation we are experiencing will profoundly change the reality of production. Over many years, our company has built up knowledge in connected assembly processes and has extensive experience in how to architect a connected ecosystem. Our proven solutions are now further integrated horizontally and share data seamlessly between all applications supporting the life cycle of assembly, from applications supporting R&D, through production, to applications used in service and analysis. Our one key objective of the initial phase is the learning of new concepts and to strive for an organisation and culture of collaboration and agility to prepare for the upcoming changes.

What are your current strategies and priorities, considering the current uncertain market conditions?

The automotive industry is currently leading the development of manufacturing and assembly concepts and processes. The development is driven by environmental requirements, with the introduction of alternative drivelines and fierce market competition, with an explosion of the number of models and variants. We develop market-leading solutions for multiple joining technologies. Hence, we need to work closely with customers to develop assembly solutions and processes using these joining technologies and supporting control and analysis applications.

In this VUCA world, it becomes imperative for us to work
closer with customers, starting from the design conceptualisation stage to the after-sales service. Our solutions need to be incorporated from the early stages to have a significant impact on the total outcome.

What are the main focus areas of your company bringing value to your customers?

We have six pillars of value which we provide to our customers – increased uptime (by having a comprehensive preventive maintenance program), reduction in defects (by providing part verification & documentation), new product introduction (reduce installation costs & quick setup), improved productivity (ensuring first time right), human factors (reduction in training needs for new models or process changes) & reduction in energy use (reduced energy consumption by creating a lean set-up).

What’s your take on the state of the power tools market right now?

From low cost tools provider to high-end solution provider, every manufacturer wants to have his share of the available pie. With an increased focus on cost competitiveness, the end-customer is easily drawn to investing ‘as much as needed’ or more focused on ‘timebeing’. This presents our company both, a challenge and an opportunity. Our solutions are focused on giving customers tangible & intangible benefits. Tangible benefits include reduced floor space, reduced hardware & reduced power consumption. The intangible benefits include ease of use, operator-friendly and scalability for future expansions.

Which are your target industry sectors currently?

The target sectors which look exciting in India would be the energy sector and how the motor vehicle industry would evolve towards electric vehicles.

What has been the performance measurement for your division this year? What is the plan for the company for 2020?

Performance is a continuous process. In the present business environment, we are glad that we grew over a year before and the plan for 2020 would be to keep this up. There are many new opportunities available in the market and our endeavour would be to tap into these. The main areas to look into would be providing industry solutions for error-proofing & quality via digitalisation and partnering players for electric vehicles & the energy sector as well.

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