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John David Bandela

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Atom Motors

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AUTOMOTIVE Our vision is to see India as a complete electric vehicle-enabled country

Oct 16, 2019

…says John David Bandela, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Atom Motors, in this interaction with Anvita Pillai. Herein, he discusses the status of EV adoption in India, the products invented by Atom Motors, strategies adopted to amplify their market share and more. Excerpts…

The Indian government has set ambitious targets for EVs in India, and there are various companies running the race to achieve these targets. What were some of the reasons that propelled you to begin Atom Motors?

The journey of Atom Motors began during our college days; when we graduated in 2017, we won the best start-up idea in our university, which boosted us to start working on the idea. The idea of clean and sustainable mobility was the major reason why we started Atom Motors. E-cycles are quite new to the Indian market, and the concept of EV, too, was something new to the Indian market when we started, with very less players and a lot of markets to be explored. We were ascertain that EV
would be the future, and today, we are one of the players in the market. The targets set by the government have been like a fuel to our idea. We have been encouraged by many initiatives of the government. We believe that the more companies that venture into this EV market, the more we would experience a healthier start to the EVs in India.

E-cars and super e-bikes are being manufactured by various automobile companies, but e-cycles are a unique invention. Can you tell us more about it? And how are these e-cycles better than the usual ones?

The e-cycles developed by us —‘EEL’— are an everyday gear that will help reduce the traffic in cities and congestion on roads. They are a universal product that can be used from a student going school to retired senior citizens. The design is unique because of the comfort and styling added, and our latest lineup has a better control. The technology used in EEL is advanced compared to the other e-cycles available today. We have three different models, all of which are equipped with the most advanced motors and batteries, giving better performance to the user. Wanting to give more experience to the user, our advanced models will have mid-drive unit (middrive motor), onboard screen for displaying user related information, such as location, battery, etc. The battery is integrated in the chassis, which would be easily removable and can be charged.

What is Project X? Can you share some details about this secret project of yours?

Project X is a secret project of our start-up, it’s a dream of our hardwork that we are turning into a reality. We will reveal the details very soon.

Like mentioned, various companies are entering the market offering e-cars and e-bikes. How are you planning to have major market share in this crowded market?

There are a lot of companies entering into the EV segments, like e-cars and e-bikes, and many start-ups are working on e-cycles too, but that is where our unique product lineup is coming into play. We see a large market potential, which has still not been explored. We have some planned market approach; for instance, we are planning to launch products with advanced features and have value for money, gain the users’ trust with reliable products and services. We will be starting with a limited market and then expand throughout the country, and if possible, overseas too.

What is the mission and vision of Atom Motors? And what are some of your goals that you’d like to achieve in the next 5 years?

Our vision is to see India as a complete electric vehicle-enabled country and try our part to be one of the drivers to drive India electric. Our mission is to provide advanced and reliable tech-rich products to our customers. We see the future of EVs in India; the awareness on the necessity of electric vehicles is rising but we still need to develop the infrastructure for the batteries and motors. We are planning to have a more aggressive product lineup in the coming years and upgrade with the technologies. We will soon be venturing into the e-bike market with new variants of e-bikes; we already have work going on for the battery and motor manufacturing

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