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Harshit Rathore

Co-founder & CTO

Nocca Robotics

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ROBOTICS Our ventilator has ensured easy understanding without any complex training

Nov 27, 2020

An IIT Kanpur-incubated company, Nocca Robotics began off as a robotics company focusing primarily on the solar sector. In this interview with Anvita Pillai, Harshit Rathore, Co-founder & CTO, Nocca Robotics, talks about the tactical shift to making ventilators for COVID-care, changes incurred during the pandemic, achievements & goals ahead. Excerpts…

Nocca Robotics adjusted rather well to the pandemic situation compared to many startups in India. Your company was primarily into producing solar panels; what changed in the process of innovation with the shift to building ventilators? How did you re-engineer to adapt?

Nocca Robotics, with an experience of three years in the manufacturing industry, had expertise in the field of robotics & control systems. For the development of ventilators, our team was being mentored by a task force, which was formed by SIIC IIT, Kanpur, comprising experts from the medical industry, doctors, intensivists, business leaders and top technology leaders from leading med‐tech companies. For development, commercialisation and deployment, we have hired key people from the med-tech industry.

What were the challenges that you faced during this process of remodelling your business to the current situation? How did you overcome it?

The overall absence of strict regulatory guidelines has led to the inflow of substandard med-tech products in the healthcare sector, which further challenged capable market players. To overcome this, our Noccarc V310 has been deployed after compliance with specifications laid down by the Government of India through HLL tender & is as per the IEC 60601-1 standard.

Your company planned on shipping ICU-grade ventilators, which were one-tenth the cost of high-end imported ventilators, by May end 2020. Can you tell us about the customised innovations in the ventilators? How are they better than pre-existing ventilators in hospitals?

Our V310 provides top-of-the-line specifications, which are not available in any other competitor products at the price-point of our ventilators available in the market. The ventilator is extremely intuitive, and it comes with a user-friendly 10-inch touchscreen interface. This has ensured an easy understanding for hospital staff, including nurses, without any complex training or prerequisite.

Can you tell us about your project achievements for the year 2020?

A total of 220+ installations of Noccarc V310 have been done so far in private and government hospitals across the nation. We have also launched and deployed the Noccarc H210 – High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device, which is proving to be highly effective in the treatment of COVID patients in less critical stages. We have been recognised by various platforms of innovations, like the Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award 2020 & Marico Foundation’s Innovate to beat COVID challenges and were featured in magazines and publications like, Forbes India, Inc42, etc. For the ventilator project, we have received CSR grants from ACT Grant, CAWACH (DST), BIRAC, Standard Chartered, ICICI Securities, Infoedge India, Ansys, Marico Foundation and several others.

Going further, what are the forecasted long-term and short-term goals for the start-up?

In the short-term, we will further deploy ventilators and HFNC machines to cater to the current respiratory device requirement in India. For the long-term, we are planning to venture into the development of more respiratory devices & manufacture high-quality medical devices in India.

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