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SENSORS & ENCODERS Our main approach is an application-oriented one

May 5, 2020

… says Deepak Aran, Director, Contrinex Automation, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. Contrinex, a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation, has a unique range of products whose features far surpass those of standard sensors. Aran discourses on the problems the sensor industry will have to cope with once the lockdown is lifted, the company’s business conditions in China & Europe as the after-effects of the COVID-19 crisis and how they are preparing customers for future sensor technologies. Excerpts…

How has the sensor world been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, especially when sensors function while holding out against rough outdoor conditions? What do you think should the industry do to stabilise itself once the lockdown period is over?

The sensors meant for outdoor applications are designed to overcome these conditions. So, the coronavirus does not impact them. But, once the lockdown is lifted, the sensor industry will have to cope with two problems – demand and supply. The demand will have to be generated by reviving the projects which were in discussion before the lockdown. As for the supply, once the orders are revived, the production should also be able to suffice.

Contrinex has a clientele base all across the world, especially in China and Europe. With the coronavirus hitting these two parts of the world hard, how has it affected business and how are you combating with the crisis, business-wise?

Our business in China and Europe has definitely been affected due to the virus. But China re-bounced very quickly after the lockdown was lifted. Their government promoted multiple industries to rework, which resulted in a heavy influx of orders, overwhelming our China production. As far as Europe is concerned, most of the countries are still in lockdown and it will take some more time to resume operations. But we have projects in the pipeline and are optimistic of projects continuing after the lockdown.

Contrinex seeks to keep its same quality of products at the highest level in all countries. How have you been achieving this so far?

We have maintained our standards through standardisation of our technology, procedures and raw materials, which ensures that the quality of our products remains the same and strictly as per the norms and specifications, irrespective of where they are manufactured. Also, our resources are shared and we replenish the requirements throughout the world by utilising the capacities of our manufacturing plants in various countries.

What are you doing to prepare your customers for future sensor technologies?

Our main approach is an application-oriented one, which means that we try to understand the requirements of our customer & their applications and where they need the sensor. According to the given inputs, we then develop smart sensors as per their needs and specific requirements.

What does the company have planned for itself in the long-term and short-term?

In the short-term, we want to sustain these difficult times of COVID-19 and somehow wait out the period to be able to revive operations to a normal level as fast as possible post the pandemic. We are utilising this lockdown period to streamline our internal processes, database, etc. which does not need market intervention. For the long-term, we are working on futuristic products and modifying our internal systems to be more customer-friendly.

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