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Conrad Latham

General Manager

Atlas Copco India

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DIGITALISATION Our biggest challenge is exceeding customer expectations

Aug 19, 2019

…says Conrad Latham, General Manager, Atlas Copco India, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He explains how the recent elections have affected the manufacturing market, how reliable compressed air systems are a necessity, and how the company is working to satisfy its customers. Excerpts…

Atlas Copco recently launched five new specially designed products in the air compressor segment for the Indian market. How do these products cater to the demands of customers from different sectors across India?

The main focus for these products is towards maintaining our leadership position in the Indian market by delivery of a range of products suited to the vast demands of our customers across India. The entry level piston compressors will allow small, rapidly developing companies access to an extremely reliable and efficient piston technology that will improve their productivity from the minute they use it. The larger VSD+ range will provide established companies the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy bills whilst not only reducing drastically the footprint but also the noise of their compressed air system.

The new nitrogen generators that can be placed virtually next to the required application will bring a new level of convenience. The new G and GA range of fixed speed oil injected screw compressors are suitable for small and medium enterprises looking for robust and energy efficient solutions for their compressed air needs.

With the recent elections that took place, how do you see the manufacturing market being affected by it?

The Government remains focused on its drive to increase the amount of GDP coming from manufacturing. So, in the long-term, we believe that the market will grow steadily. Ever since the elections, there has not been the expected confidence in the market and many customers are taking longer to make their decisions on new orders.

What opportunities does digitalisation have in the manufacturing sector and compressed air solutions for Atlas Copco?

Like all companies, this is a key focus for our company. The biggest development over the last couple of years is the implementation of our Smartlink system on all equipment that we manufacture. Currently, we have more than 120,000 machines connected across the world and more than 10,000 across India.

Presently, there are 3 levels of services we provide, ranging from a basic monitoring and alarm notification to energy saving and uptime improvements. Those customers under contract have their machines constantly monitored 24 hours a day for any warnings of service requirements through to recommendations for compressed air system improvements. We see this demand from our customers growing more and more and we have many new innovations in the pipeline that we are confident will provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

What are the challenges that your company sees? How does the company deal with those challenges?

The biggest challenge in India for our company is constantly exceeding the expectations of our customers. The manufacturing sector requires consistency, and reliable compressed air systems are a necessity. But more and more companies demand energy saving solutions that are specific to their production. Working closely with our customers to understand their needs and drivers is the only way that we can over satisfy them and maintain their long-term sustainability.

What’s next for your company?

The future of our company is very positive, and the launch of these new compressors and nitrogen generator are the first steps in bringing a continuous change of energy efficiency and reliable solutions to our customers. Also, closer interactions with new innovations in digitalisation will bring new levels of customer experience.

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