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Market | Interview “Our biggest challenge is awareness”

Nov 2, 2015

…says TP Singh, Director, FLIR Systems India, in this interaction with Megha Roy, speaks on advanced thermal cameras, while discussing the demanding market segments for the company. Excerpts from the interview…

Can you brief us on your company’s presence globally as well as in India? How do you see the potential in India for your kind of business?

Our company has approximately 2800 employees globally. We started our operations in India in 2011 and we have high hopes for the business in India. With the efforts of the new government, we also hope that things will be better in future.

Can you highlight on the advanced thermal cameras from FLIR systems? What are the key features that keep these systems at the forefront of thermal imaging technology?

We have many products for basic applications to unit having 1 K detector for professional applications. One of the key features of our expert series and above are Multi Spectral Imaging (MSX). Numbering, labels and other key features aren’t always apparent in a regular thermal image, often requiring a separate photo for reference. Instead, MSX virtually etches those visual details onto the infrared image in real time to create an all-in-one, thermal picture that shows exactly where problems are heating up.

Within the test & measurement segment, thermal imaging cameras have a fairly broad application range. What are the most demanding markets for you, and how far do those demands differ from each other?

We are dedicated to thermal imaging technology, and within instruments, we have more than 100 models to choose from. We have a dedicated series of equipment for different measurement needs for different segments, such as electrical, mechanical, automation, fire-fighting, science/R&D and optical gas imaging. All these verticals have unique key features and different applications. Precision is the key for measuring temperature for all these applications.

How important is research and innovation in thermal imaging and what are your achievements in R&D?

We have always been ahead in terms of new innovations and our new products are the right examples. The latest uncooled systems available in the market have wi-fi connectivity for data transfer through iphone/ipad or Android devices, bluetooth connectivity for voice annotations and current readings, touch-screen display, excellent ergonomics with the well proven concept of a tiltable IR unit, sketch on IR/visial image, high contrast fusion, instant report generation, ten years warranty on detector for selected models.

How do you see FLIR technology progressing over the next decade and what do you see as being the biggest challenge in relation to this?

We see very good growth potential and that’s the reason our company has always been in the forefront to invent new innovative and affordable products every year. Our biggest challenge is awareness.

Is there any difference between the solutions developed for the R&D applications and the solutions for the industrial applications?

They are completely different solutions. R&D mainly requires very high sensitivity thermal cameras at higher speed. This can be achieved with cooled type of thermal imaging cameras and FLIR is the world leader for the same.

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