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Sudheendra C R, President – India Operations, United Grinding GmbH

Grinding Machines “Optimising production process”

Feb 8, 2017

“ Manufacturing excellence approach has been developed from ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and ‘Just-in-Time’ philosophies. The main factors would be to have the highest sustainability as well as short delivery times and maximum flexibility.”

How has the IMTEX metal-cutting exhibition evolved over the years, according to you? How is the exhibition helping Indian machine tool/cutting tool manufacturers to compete globally?

IMTEX is the premier machine tool exhibition in India and is getting better by the year. Indian industry gets to see the latest developments in the machine tool/cutting tool industry in this trade fair, which gives potential visitors an opportunity to plan and utilise such technologies in their own manufacturing shops.

Given that global manufacturing companies are moving towards the next industrial era - Industry 4.0, how will these trends be observed at IMTEX 2017?

The main focus of Industry 4.0 is to optimise and digitise the production process through smart manufacturing, i.e. smart machines & products, which communicate with each other and are interconnected in a production chain. Many machine tool suppliers, including United Grinding, are showing options to promote automation and smart manufacturing.

Taking into consideration the current uncertain economic situation in India, what are the possible ways in which exhibitions like IMTEX can drive growth in the manufacturing sector?

The primary focus of every industry in an uncertain economic situation is to save costs and optimise the production process so as to get maximum productivity. IMTEX 2017 trade fair would be a perfect reason to visit for anybody who has this intention in mind.

For example, United Grinding Group will showcase smarter machine software that supports the operator in optimising production process parameters, smart devices to Plug-&-Play which carry intelligence with them and are able to implement setting parameters on the machine themselves without the use of machine control.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking. What would be your company’s strategy post IMTEX 2017 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

After the exhibition, it will be very crucial from the point of view of sales order income. We will have clearly defined timelines for each & every activity post IMTEX 2017.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally? How well does IMTEX 2017 represent these latest manufacturing innovations?

Manufacturing excellence approach has been developed from ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and ‘Just-in-Time’ philosophies. The main factors would be to have the highest sustainability as well as short delivery times and maximum flexibility to achieve maximum added value for the customer. For example, our production sites at Fritz Studer AG in Thun, Switzerland and Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in Kurim, Czech Republic, with the continuous flow line assembly are based on such a philosophy.

How do you plan to align your company’s Vision 2020 strategy with the latest manufacturing trends along with government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, etc?

United Grinding Group has a Vision Strategy upto 2021 which includes primarily focus on Asia markets including India. Initiatives such as ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digitise India’ will surely yield good results in the long term. India has already moved up from being a tier 3 supplier to a tier 1 supplier in automotive components. The new investments planned by the global auto majors is a sign towards this and it will automatically propel growth in manufacturing activity at their vendors/suppliers, which, in turn, will boost investments in machine tools.

‘Digitise India’ would lead to increase in usage of smartphones or tablet PCs. As a result, it will boost the Indian electronics & smart phone industry. It is possible that some portion of smartphone manufacturing will get shifted to India from the existing locations in Taiwan, China & South Korea. ☐

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