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Parag Alekar


Nicolás Correa, SA India Branch

MACHINE TOOLS Opt for automation and reliable solutions

Jan 29, 2019

In the machine tool industry, the ability to innovate in an ongoing manner and to offer new customer-oriented services is a key asset for any company aspiring to grow and generate value. - Parag Alekar, CEO, Nicolás Correa, SA India Branch

With the 50-year completion of IMTEX this year, what significance does it hold for you and your company? How old is your company’s association with IMTEX?

We have been associated with IMTEX from the year 2007, which is since the inception of our branch office in India. We are participating in the exhibit through Spanish pavilion. IMTEX helps us project our presence and strength in the Indian market and it is very easy to meet all of the top management people and decision makers at one place during the exhibit.

What would be the big strategy/plan that you will be pursuing post-IMTEX in 2019, aimed at creating a big business impact?

Post IMTEX, we will give more impetus on turn-key projects and we are getting a good response to our complete turn-key solutions. Also, our new universal head repair centre will be completely functional very soon. In the machine tool industry, which is increasingly dynamic and competitive, the ability to innovate in an ongoing manner and to offer new customeroriented services is a key asset for any company aspiring to grow and generate value.

Digitalisation has been the most talked-about topic in the manufacturing industry today. Besides digitalisation, would you like to highlight any other technology advances that will have the maximum traction in the next two years?

Our machines are already with Industry 4.0 compliance. We have now concentrated more on enhancement of the technology in the existing product range. We have lately introduced universal heads with 10000 rpm; machine rapids from 40 m to 75 m/min, which is very high in medium & large size machines; and machine acceleration of 1000 mm/s². Presently, we are establishing these parameters on our machines, with the highest possible reliability.

How do you assess the disruptive power of new technologies at an early stage and build a sustainable plan so as to respond to the technological disruptions, in the short-term and long-term?

Nicolás Correa has a Research & Development and Innovation department, which is constantly growing and currently accounts for 17% of the whole workforce. It is made up of a team of highly-qualified engineers, capable of developing multidisciplinary projects and operating at a global level. Nicolás Correa SA is aware that a context of economic uncertainty and growing concern for environmental and social issues among governments, companies and society in general, calls for a combined management of both factors in order to mitigate risks and take opportunities, with a view to improve our performance year by year. In line with this understanding, an environmental management system to the ISO 14001 Standard has been implemented in the production plants of Nicolás Correa in Burgos. The environmental management system implemented in the production plants is an all-encompassing system and covers the entire production process. The priority of these procedures lies in the protection of the air, water and land, a rational use of natural resources, minimum generation and the correct disposal of residues, saving energy and raw material.

In your opinion, what is an industrial trend/concept/ myth which you would like to demystify within the Indian manufacturing sector?

Even though India is known to have a huge engineering workforce, nowadays, it is very difficult to get skilled labour to work on the shop floor in the engineering industry. In order to avoid dependency on skilled labour, one has to opt for automation and reliable solutions.

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