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The leverage effect of Liquid Tool from Blaser Swisslube requires the manufacturing industry to follow a holistic approach on the metalworking processes

Coolants & Lubricants New dimension in productivity

Nov 10, 2016

Consistently, high workpiece quality with minimal reworking time, longer tool life for greater machine availability & lower cycle times, processing and lead times for better return on machinery investment are the vital elements to be successful in the industry. The article illustrates on a productivity concept with metalworking fluids that can contribute significantly towards meeting the objectives in machining and grinding

In the manufacturing industry, the metalworking fluids have been often considered as the necessary evils, which are to be used necessarily, but often have no added value to the manufacturing process. By developing the formulations with a promise of improved efficiency, setting higher standards in the machining quality and also contributing to the high productivity, the concept is driving the possibilities to new heights in manufacturing technologies.

For example, the leverage effect of Liquid Tool from Blaser Swisslube requires the manufacturing industry to follow a holistic approach on the metalworking processes. It has potentials to contribute positively in five elements of productivity pentagon i.e. machine tools, cutting tools, materials, processes & human by joint working and methodical analysis.

With a state-of-the-art technology centre at its headquarters in Switzerland, Blaser Swisslube is constantly trying to explore the higher possibilities by carrying out stringent tests on new metal working solutions, which includes the surface quality of the components, tool wear patterns and possibility of making more components per unit of time. It also allows a partnership-driven approach with customers by helping them improve their productivity and profitability. It’s a paradigm shift in the way metal working fluids have been designed and looked at in the industry.

Improving efficiency & productivity

According to Punit Gupta, Managing Director, Blaser Swisslube India, “Tests at customers’ ends have shown that there is a possibility of enhancing the tool life by 20-40% and also to increase the productivity to the tune of 8-15% by bringing in the holistic view with Liquid Tool and joint working. Time is the biggest currency and it is vital to follow a holistic view of considering the investments in the right direction where returns on investment directly affect the profitability in machining processes. Liquid Tool is built on competence of the company including its people, technology driven formulations and customised sevices. It is possible to gain much larger benefits by having a strong trust on this approach.”

There was an interesting project executed with a Japanese organisation—TBK India, which was also honored with the Productivity Trophy this year. The company, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is a well-established group founded in 1949 and is a major player in the field of brakes, water pumps & oil pumps for engine. These components are essential to the safety and efficiency of small to large vehicles and buses. TBK upholds its flagship policy of producing customer-oriented products, while contributing to the well-being of society. In addition, the company is engaged into manufacturing of water pumps and oil pumps at its Satara plant in Maharashtra.

Value added concept

In its pursuit of striving for growth, productivity and reducing overall manufacturing cost, TBK India approached Blaser Swisslube for discussions on the possibility of improvements. In this regard, Blaser Swisslube shared a new dimension in productivity with its value proposition of Liquid Tool to work on reducing the cut time & increasing the output from machines. After the detailed onsite analysis, it was jointly decided to choose high cutting performance Blasocut formulation that preserves harmony with the environment with its unique Blasocut Bio Concept.

As per Shinya Oizumi, Director & Vice President—Manufacturing & SCM, TBK India, “The machines were identified for the test after joint discussions of Blaser team and TBK team and as a result cut time reduction was achieved in the range of 8% to 35%. Based upon the encouraging initial results, it was decided to deploy the solution on 22 machines. Quality of machining also got improved significantly and rejections in machining went down by 60%. It was an eye-opener to see this new dimension of productivity of Liquid Tool, which helped for increased competitiveness in our manufacturing.”

Courtesy: Blaser Swisslube

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  • The leverage effect of Liquid Tool from Blaser Swisslube requires the manufacturing industry to follow a holistic approach on the metalworking processes

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