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Chandra Shekar Sharma, Vice President, KMT Toolings Sales & Machining Solutions Group

Cutting Tools “Moving towards digital transformation”

Feb 7, 2017

“ Today, there are new models coming in just six months; to meet this challenge the manufacturing needs to be flexible and productive at the same time so as to push out the volumes needed to capture the market.”

How has the IMTEX metal-cutting exhibition evolved over the years, according to you? How is the exhibition helping Indian machine tool/cutting tool manufacturers to advance their technology standards so as to compete globally?

Today, you have machine tool builders showing the seamless integration of complete lines where you push the raw material on one side and get the finished product. Business is making use of the technology coupled with engineering to bring the best output. All inputs that go into the manufacturing arena have undergone a sea change to meet the global requirements. Exhibitions like IMTEX help and act as a catalyst for transfer and adaption of new technology in India.

Given that global manufacturing companies are moving towards the next industrial era - Industry 4.0, how will these trends and technologies be observed at IMTEX 2017?

As industries talk more on the concept of Industry 4.0 & IoT, manufacturing companies are showcasing how they are moving towards this. India is not far behind today in terms of differentiation from global practices. It would be important to look into the trends demonstrated in IMTEX.

Taking into consideration the current uncertain economic situation in India, what are the possible ways in which exhibitions like IMTEX can drive growth in the
manufacturing sector?

IMTEX will showcase how manufacturing sectors can make use of the new technologies for productivity and cost competitiveness. The economic uncertainty is beyond our control. However, if we are on the cutting edge of technology then irrespective of the conditions outside in the market, we in manufacturing sector will always be competitive.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking. What would be your company’s strategy post IMTEX 2017 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

As in any other show, we have a strong mechanism to follow up with the visitors trying to provide solutions. We need to partner with our customers as consultants and resolve their challenges in the best possible manner. The leads generated in the show are passed on to our regional teams with the help of CRM, to take it up further and every lead is closed in system after discussion with customers.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally? How well does IMTEX 2017 represent these latest manufacturing innovations?

Globally, the manufacturing sector is undergoing continuous improvement to be on the leading front. Today, there are new models coming in just six months. To meet this challenge, the manufacturing needs to be flexible and productive at the same time so as to push out the volumes needed to capture the market. Demand is changing fast and the time to market and break-even with new product is shrinking. IMTEX is a platform where people can come and have a look at the latest and the best.

How do you plan to align your company’s Vision 2020 strategy with the latest manufacturing trends along with government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, etc?

We are making good investment in bringing in the best manufacturing into India. We are adding new product categories into our portfolio that will be made in India and exported globally. We are also upgrading our manufacturing lines to meet the market demand. Moving towards digital environment, we have ‘NOVO,’ a platform that acts as a consultant to suggest the strategies and best-in-class tools to manufacture any part. This is a cloud-based programme and customers can access the information from anywhere and also send information on tool and cutting strategies to anyone for a real-time discussion with better understanding.☐

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