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Specials Modules for data transfer

Feb 1, 2016

HARTING has extended the Han-Modular® series by adding new modules for data transfer via Ethernet and PROFINET/Modules for high mating cycles. The latest modules from this series: the US4 switch, enabling data transfer via Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, as well as other data modules have been optimised for frequent mating and demating (for >10,000 mating cycles). Standard industrial connectors are designed for 500 mating cycles. The Han-Modular® series extends well beyond these capabilities and contains an increasing number of modules that have been designed for at least 10,000 mating cycles. This part of the portfolio is called ‘High Mating Cycles (HMC).’ Two shielded data modules have currently joined this group: The Han® Megabit HMC module is suitable for transferring up to Megabit Ethernet Cat. 5e. The Han® Gigabit HMC module enables data transfer according to Gigabit Ethernet Cat. 6A. Thanks to the shielding, the two new modules are especially suitable for transferring sensitive (bus) signals.

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