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Isometric view of the electric go-kart

Image: Autodesk

CAD/CAM Modelling future-ready products

Nov 29, 2017

An application story on the usage of Autodesk’s PIP solution—Fusion 360 by Magnes Energy that enabled a greater integration and ease of collaborative work in its concept to product processes. A read on…

The rise of start-up wave in India is a relatively new phenomenon. Today, the country is undergoing a fundamental shift with entrepreneurship & innovation being primary catalysts in job creation and solving everyday problems. One among such companies is Magnes Energy India, a Mumbai-based start-up, which is continuously innovating in every aspect to make products more efficient and appealing while requiring less maintenance. The company is working on the design, fabrication, testing and sales of electric go-kart.

However, as a manufacturer of electrical machinery and apparatus, the company once faced an issue in building a market-ready electric go-kart. After an intern from National Institute of Design at their company suggested Autodesk’s Fusion 360, Magnes Energy completely switched to it considering its benefits compared to the regular software they had been using so far. “As a start-up, one of our key focuses lies in the speed at which we can deliver. As designing and manufacturing are both intricate processes, their integration becomes challenging without the right tools, resources and expertise,” emphasised Nikunj Shah, Co-founder, Magnes Energy India.

Product innovation platform

Among the advanced design technologies, Product Innovation Platform (PIP) is globally considered the next paradigm of manufacturing that brings together a set of connected design, manufacturing, and IoT tools in a single data-centered platform. Autodesk’s PIP solution, Fusion 360 is an integrated 3D CAD, CAM and CAE tool that connects the entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform. According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, PIP can improve product launch success rates, increase speed-to-market and service response rates as well as enhance customer satisfaction rates.

Various MSMEs and start-ups in India have already started using Fusion 360 to design, develop and build better products. Varun Gadhok, Head–Manufacturing Solutions, India & SAARC, Autodesk, stated, “Autodesk has enabled start-ups and MSMEs worldwide to imagine, design and create products that are relevant and future-ready. The company provides awareness, access and skill set with respect to the latest design technologies and solutions to the MSMEs.”

Need for innovation

As India continues to move towards becoming the next global manufacturing hub, the MSMEs and start-ups will have a pivotal role in driving the growth engine. However, today, the industry is witnessing radical transformation in the manufacturing sector, driven by new age technologies like Internet of Things, Big Data and machine learning. Advanced manufacturing technologies are rapidly changing the means of production, pushing customer demands and aspirations to new heights. This is leading to the design and production of products that, until now, have never been seen. As such, start-ups like Magnes Energy have evolved themselves to align with this new industry phenomena and are creating products that are of global standards.

According to Shah, the era of gasoline is slowly coming to an end owing to rising cost and adverse effect on environment. This leads to the need of developing more sustainable alternatives. “We choose Electric Powertrain to power our future transportation demands. Based on a thorough survey of the industry, we are developing an electric go-kart which is an entirely new breed in go-karting industry that will deliver better performance, superior design and less maintenance. Currently, we are testing our first prototype, ProZero and have initiated fabrication of our second prototype, ProUno,” he averred.

Collaborative design environment

While working with Fusion 360, Magnes Energy realised that there is greater integration and ease of collaborative work in its concept-to-product processes. Shah stated that the biggest reason for them to move towards Fusion 360 from regular software is that the former enabled superior collaboration. “With the help of Fusion 360, all team members could work on different parts of a single assembly, simultaneously. We built the whole chassis on Fusion 360 in a very short time. Fusion 360, powered by cloud, has enabled us to have complete control over the design and prototyping of our products. This advanced design technology from Autodesk provided CAD, CAM and CAE features on one single platform, thereby, enhancing the overall workflow between different teams,” he further added.

The design team at Magnes Energy has successfully used Fusion 360 to enable collaborative design for their first prototype of an e-go kart, named ProZero. As per Gadhok, “We are excited to be an integral part of Magnes Energy’s journey here-on. Fusion 360 has significantly impacted their project by enabling better collaboration and integration.”

The way forward…

The electric go-kart is the first step for Magnes Energy towards creating sustainable products. “Throughout our journey so far, the Indian manufacturing industry has generously leased us their experience and facilities without which it would not have been possible for us to realise our capabilities in actuality,” Shah said. Moving forward, he added, “Fusion 360 has now become a part of our company’s design culture and we aim to continue to use it for our future products as well. In addition, we are thankful to Autodesk for supporting and encouraging us to reach new paradigms of innovation with the help of advanced design technologies.”

On a concluding note, Gadhok remarked that it is exciting to witness MSMEs explore and unleash their true potential with the help of Autodesk 3D design technology and develop products of global standards. “Autodesk is committed to the growth of MSMEs in India such as Magnes Energy and we believe that they are the key innovation drivers who will revolutionise the Indian manufacturing industry,” he observed.

Compiled with inputs from Autodesk and Magnes Energy

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  • Rear view of the electric go-kart developed by Magnes Energy with the help of Autodesk‘s PIP solution – Fusion 360

    Image: Autodesk

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