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Market | Interview “Manufacturer to service provider”

Nov 2, 2015

Dr Ming-Shong Lan, Chairman, Taiwan Asahi Diamond Industrial, in this interaction with EM, discusses the rapid changes in business environment, and highlights the company’s aim to devote efforts in achieving a complete business organisation with high productivity rate. Excerpts from the interview…

Can you brief us on the application areas of your product category?

We are into diamond/CBN grinding wheels, cutting, sawing and turning tools in Taiwan. Products manufactured by our company have been expanded from the “diamond core bits” used in the construction of dams in the earlier stage to thousands of different types of diamond tools. Our main products and corresponding applications include diamond/CBN grinding wheels; diamond tools for semiconductor, solar energy and LED industry; diamond tools for touch panels; diamond tools for automotive industry; mono-crystal diamond tools for ultra-precision standard; PCD/ PCBN machining tools such as drills, end mills, and reamers; diamond grinding wheels for LCD glass; fluting wheels for tungsten carbide end mills and drills; optical profile-grinding wheels; natural/PCD/mono-crystal synthetic diamond drawing dies; diamond turning tools, dresser and wear-resistant parts; diamond saw blades and core bits.

In recent times, your company has focused on mobile devices & automotive industries. Can you give us more details on the same?

We still take care of all the industries as usual. Our aim is to deal with cutting, grinding, drilling, and polishing processes of hard & fragile materials. Therefore, recently, we have further developed sharp applications for two industries—mobile devices & automotive industries. For mobile devices, we have developed tools for sapphire glass and corning gorilla glass. On the other hand, our diamond/CBN tools CBN tools are best designed for the automotive industry and many of our customers use them for automobile parts processing. We provide comprehensive tool solutions for manufacturers. With our help in the tool phase, users can conquer many cutting & grinding issues on their production lines.

How do you balance the price-performance ratio for your products?

We target mid & high-end users. So, our competitiveness is not about prices, rather mid & high-end users pursue the cutting/grinding performance and the corresponding durability as their first priority. Hence, we enhance these two characters, making them significant for users in dealing with various materials during processing.

What are your further business expansion plans?

We will participate in international trade fairs all over the world. By projected closed space exposure, we will build our brand image inside users’ mind. Moreover, we will send our sales engineers overseas to support our customers abroad. Our sales engineers are equipped with both marketing and product knowledge, hence, they can serve as usual engineers while promoting the company.

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