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"Cutting tools play a pivotal role in deciding the productivity, output quality and cost per component of a shop floor," says Puneet Kapoor, Managing Director, Gühring India

Image: Guhring
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Interview “Making the right tooling solution available”

Sep 1, 2016

…says Puneet Kapoor, Managing Director, Gühring India, in this interaction with Maria Jerin, while discussing his company’s plans in expanding the market presence in India. He also details the key emerging applications driving the growth of tooling industry. Excerpts...

As per recent reports, global market for metal cutting tools is projected to reach US$ 10.8 billion by 2020. What are the key emerging applications driving this growth trend?

Over recent years, the requirement for adopting higher productivity practices is being felt everywhere, and, in turn, being implemented at many places. This naturally has increased the demand for better and accurate tooling solutions to be run on machines, ranging from a simple CNC machine to high capacity machining centre. Emphasis is being given to innovation and technology development resulting in more fuel efficient engines being made with tougher and lighter materials giving out higher horse powers. The life span of an automobile model has also decreased resulting in increased pressure on automobile companies to bring out newer models at a faster rate, which has propelled the demand for better and sophisticated tools and tool materials for these new and challenging applications.

Given that rising automobile production spurs opportunities for metal cutting tools, how do you see the automobile segment’s current market potential and demand trends in India?

Automotive companies in India are right now gearing up for the festive season and the new GST regime. Even though the automotive sales in India are showing slow signs of growth, increased exports have helped in maintaining the production levels. As per the latest June 2016 YOY comparison with respect to 2015 from SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers), the figures reflect the mixed sentiments prevailing in the market. A key strategy in achieving higher output in less time is to drive production lead-times at a lower rate.

What role does cutting tools play to meet this requirement and how is your company customising its product solutions?

Cutting tools play a pivotal role in deciding the productivity, output quality and cost per component of a shop floor. Implementation of advanced tooling concepts like high feed reaming, HPC/HSC milling, combination tools and synchronised tapping help in reducing cycle time and reduction of component scrap rate. With our expertise in tooling industry, we have come up with new products including HSK Taper, RF 100 Diver for versatile combination of operations, HR 500 reamers for high feed reaming, HPC milling cutter for burr-free machining of components, tools & holders for MQL technology, etc.

There is a rising trend witnessed in leveraging digital platforms for better tool management. What are your company’s initiatives on this front?

We offer complete digitalisation of the tool rooms in machine shops through our innovative tool dispensing systems and tool management software. Gühring’s tool dispensing system enables storing a large number of compact tools in a very small space and very securely providing complete control over the withdrawal of goods. In addition to the tool or stock management, Gühring’s Tool Management Software (GTMS) modules provide the possibility of quickly finding and evaluating hidden process costs, identifying bottlenecks in the production and increasing productivity via specific counter measures.

What are your company’s latest offerings for the Indian market? How do you plan to expand your market presence in India?

Few of our advanced tool types, which were released in India include RF 100 DIVER end mills, HR 500 reamers, HPC milling cutter and GuhroSYNC holder. We believe in treating customers as our business partners and growing with the customer. We plan to expand our business by making available to our customers, the right tooling solution at the right price with right service at the right time to make a mark in their productivity requirement, irrespective of the customer being small or big.

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