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Dr Rajendra Joshi


RUJ Group

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METAL WORKING Making the people of India more skillful

Apr 15, 2019

…says Dr Rajendra Joshi, Chairman, RUJ Group in his interaction with Juili Eklahare, throws light on the key drivers for the growth of RS India and how there lies a huge gap between demand and supply of high precision parts available within the country. Excerpts…

Can you share with us the thought behind founding the RUJ Group in Rajasthan, RS-India in particular, as well as Bhartiya Skill Development University?

RUJ Group’s sole objective was to enhance the ability of every single citizen and make them capable of earning by skilling them. In my earlier years in Switzerland, I closely observed the Swiss Dual System of training and their emphasis on apprentice learning, which made the Swiss talent stand a part from the rest of the world. This inspired me to create a model that would lay a strong foundation in making the people of India more skillful and capable of reducing the huge gap sensed by the industry with talent that was skilled but did not suit industry standards. According to the annual report of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) 2016-17, less than five per cent of the total workforce in India has undergone any formal skill training programme. To find a solution to these problems, I wanted to introduce a self-sustained model that would skill the young talent and make them ready managers or leaders who would be industry-ready. To implement this model, I introduced the skill development institution, Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur (BSDU), which was incorporated as a State Private University vide GOR Act No. 3 of 2017 (BSDU Act). Following the establishment of BSDU, I had an objective of taking the Swiss Dual System of training a step forward and introduce Swiss work culture in India. It is this objective that made me establish RUJ & SRM Mechanics (RS-India).

What do you think about the potential for producing high quality precision parts in India? Why do you think the Indian industry is still more dependent on imports for high quality precision parts, although the local industry has the required capabilities?

Even though manufacturing holds a key position in the Indian economy, there lies a huge gap between demand and supply of high precision parts available within the country. The most important aspect is standardisation and maintaining equity in both — quality and performance — across various sectors. While one sees high quality standards being maintained in a few sectors like, automobile, aerospace and aeronautics, the same needs to be maintained in other sectors, too.

Do you see any challenges for your business in India, in terms of the skills availability, raw material, supply chain, localisation, infrastructure, etc?

There are multiple challenges that manufacturing companies face, right from sourcing raw materials, logistics and handling raw materials to the time they are supplied to the end customer. We believe that having the right raw material reduces processing time. RS-India, itself, experienced a few challenges in the very beginning. However, we work on the Swiss system of training and skilling its employees. We believe that investing in machines is not the only way to achieve precision. Investment in people through apprenticeship and training is the best way to achieve the objective of precision manufacturing.

What is your outlook, going forward? Tell us more about your expansion plans, short-term and long-term?

RS India has its expansion plans to penetrate Indian market through providing customised precision manufacturing solutions to Indian companies. With SRM’s clients spread globally, RS India will serve Asian and other native countries by improvising the logistics chain and reduce the logistic lag, also reducing transit damage experienced while sourcing precision parts from other countries. The group has also recently begun operations of RUJ Elecon, which will undertake turnkey electrical projects.

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