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Punit Gupta

Managing Director - West Asia (India & SEA)

Blaser Swisslube

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INDIAN MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Making India more employable and productive

Sep 25, 2020

There are humongous opportunities in front of Indian manufacturers - Punit Gupta, Managing Director - West Asia (India & SEA), Blaser Swisslube

The growth of a nation needs skilled people and India has a high number waiting to be upskilled. It has been a hot topic in India in the last few years for all the right reasons. The government took initiatives to drive it with an objective to empower the youth of the country with skill-sets that make them more employable and productive in their work environment.

It is time to pause and adjust the journey ahead so that we achieve the larger objectives by engaging all stakeholders in his drive – industry, academia, the youth and the Government.

A call for industry captains

Manufacturing costs have been showing an increasing trend due to inflation, rising manpower costs and lower level of productivity compared to global standards. The hunt for cheaper resources has nearly ended now. In fact, a good hygiene in wages needs to be brought in at lower and mid-levels.

There are humongous opportunities in front of Indian manufacturers, considering our low share in exports. Global markets offer a huge potential, and considering the new geopolitical challenges, the Indian industry can seize the opportunity with good preparation and a novel roadmap.

Our industry captains need to set the tone for investments to drive higher productivity from machines & processes. Teams need to be clearly aligned & well trained with a clear mission on this journey. Higher quality standards and more reliable manufacturing processes will aid in enhanced competitiveness. People have a clear role to play here and contribute, both at top and operative levels.

A call for youth

India is a young country with almost 65% of its population in the working age group. The speed and requirement to get trained and retrained in different adapted skills is much higher now. However, the area which often gets ignored is the ‘attitude’. The phrase ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ by Steve Jobs, aptly gives this message. It is a great tip for self-help and the industry both, in bringing greater success, which is also sustainable. It has an impact directly on the quality, workmanship and productivity levels.

A call for academia

We have witnessed good progress in creating bridges between the industry and academia over time. Academia can take further steps and be more proactive to ensure updated know-how at the curriculum level. Institutions all across must set up labs on various subjects within campuses, so that students can be ready for the industry in a better way.

Innovation is another area where academia can contribute a lot in India. A well-crafted and well-managed drive in pure science, with good collaborative efforts will help us gain a lot of momentum in innovation. Academia has to take a lead in this area, with the industry providing bigger support. The new National Education Policy has picked up some good points for course correction, which will also help promote good mental health, critical thinking and flexibility to study preferred subjects.

Let’s make India a higher productive, skilled and competent country, which the whole world can look up to reliably.

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