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Vineet Seth, Managing Director – South Asia & Middle East, Mastercam

CAD/CAM “Making complex machining easy”

Jan 19, 2017

Vineet Seth, Managing Director – South Asia & Middle East, Mastercam, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, briefs on the parameters to be discussed for choosing CAM software, while highlighting the company’s in-house technology to enhance productivity. Excerpts…

What are the recent advancements in the CAD/CAM industry? Can you highlight the improvements added to Mastercam 2017?

Recent advancements in CAD/CAM have largely been made in the areas of speed and efficiency. High volume material removal, utilisation of full flute length of solid carbides, dynamic tool-axis control in CAM and direct modelling, quick feature modifications in CAD for manufacturing are some important advancements in recent times.

The 2017 version features a more streamlined workflow, improved usability, enhancements to dynamic motion technology, etc. Complex machining is now made easy with the introduction of Maximum Stock Engagement for select 3D high speed finishing tool paths, allowing programmers to limit how deeply the cutter engages uncut material and protects smaller tools from taking too heavy of a cut.

What are the essential factors to be considered by the shopfloor officials, while choosing CAM software for machining complex models?

A CAM system for complex machining must have capabilities like accurately import and repair CAD models from various CAD systems; high speed & high-efficiency machining routines; speed for tool path processing as well as post processing, etc. Also, tool utilisation factor is of paramount importance considering that longer the tool life, higher the productivity. Therefore, modern strategies that assist in deriving full tool life are a must in CAM software, than those that are traditional.

Can you brief us on the significance of Dynamic Motion technology and how it helps your customers?

It is an in-house innovation that is now a part of most tool path strategies in Mastercam. As far as the programmer is concerned, there is no major change in the methodology of programming parts, which is good, but rather the bulk of change is in the background – in the algorithm that generates the actual toolpath. The lines of code required, algorithms invoked and computer processing power applied are vastly greater than what came before.

The introduction was the beginning of an entirely new direction in which the toolpath itself would be expected to behave intelligently by following an expansive set of rules that include, but are not limited to minimal stepovers to avoid heat build-up and excessive lateral force; high spindle speeds, if available and continual material engagement (climb milling) to minimise air cutting.

How does Mastercam 2017 offer mid-market manufacturers improvement on product innovation, engineering performance and overall productivity?

Mid-market manufacturers need a watertight system that delivers consistently and creates room for profitability without the need for higher investments or equipment. Mastercam 2017 provides such manufacturers the power of Dynamic Motion technology, improved tool path processing times as also closer prediction of actual machining times. Direct modelling tool allows for quick changes to models, saving valuable time between the CAD lab and the CAM room, thereby, reducing lead times considerably.

What products will you be showcasing at IMTEX 2017?

We will be showcasing our full range of CAD/CAM solutions at IMTEX 2017. Integrated CAD/CAM for turning, wire EDM, multi-axis milling, mill-turn, routing and robotic machining will be displayed and demonstrated to visitors. We also intend to work with our technical machine tool and cutting tool partners to demonstrate the capabilities of our Dynamic Motion Technology, live in action.

What are your company’s future plans for the Indian market?

With Mastercam India, we would like to assure our customers and prospects that we are here for the long haul and we bring over 150 years of CAD/CAM experience to the table. We are looking at strengthening our presence over the coming years and ensuring that customer support is the cornerstone of our philosophy – in word and in practice. ☐

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