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Ratan Tata

Leadership Insights Making a difference!

Jan 29, 2018

"I don't believe in making right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right." - Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group

A flag bearer of India’s global aspirations, Ratan Tata has always been known for his vision and ability to lead and innovate. A true businessman with a clear strategy, vision and commitment, the front runner stands as an apt example of true success achieved.

With a vision for Tata Group as an Indian company with an important international footprint, he started his career in 1962 as a director to Nelco, a consumer electronics company, followed by succeeding JRD Tata as a chairman of the Tata Industries in 1989.

Though initially the move had rose several eyebrows within the given management, the visionary leader transformed the complete business model with his dynamic headship. Soon upon assuming leadership of the conglomerate, he re-modeled the management pie of the company by rationalising and making it less in number that made a synergetic sense. The trendsetter encouraged and got-on-board young leaders that let him execute the unstoppable global spree. He ideated on diversifying areas that were no longer relevant, hence, transforming the business.

The philanthropist aggressively sought to expand the business and increasingly focused on globalising its verticals as well. Under his tenure, in 2000, the group acquired London-based Tetley Tea and in 2004 purchased the truck-manufacturing operations of South Korea’s Daewoo Motors. In 2007, Tata Steel completed the biggest corporate takeover by an Indian company when it acquired Corus Group, an Anglo-Dutch steel manufacturer.

An inspiration to people across ages, the global architect led the global foray of the largely India-based Tata Group. Today, he is one of the successful business leaders who have used mixtures of theories to run their businesses. According to Hershey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model, Ratan Tata’s leadership behaviour is of delegating type. He is involved in the discussion, but the process and responsibility is transferred to the individual company’s MDs.

There are many facets to Tata’s global game plan—his wisdom in waiting to make the group more competitive before going in for the international push, his skill as a leader in making this theme resonate all over the group, his aggression with which he has won the cross-border deals and so on!

From a blue collar worker with great ideas, currently his business crescendos with the legendary leadership skills have made him a prominent global face who took the Indian auto industry to the world. He achieved the feat with integrity, grace and unique brand of articulate humour. Not many know but the former chairman of Tata Group is a qualified architect and licensed pilot.

Tata Group has recently signed up several collaborations across multiple industries that not only strengthen the core values of the company, but also achieve new heights by
putting India on the global map.

The feature compiles the leadership lessons from industry experts analyzing their journey towards success

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