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Samir Sabnis, Managing Director, ACOEM India

Image: ACOEM

Production Planning & Control “Looking to collaborate, develop and partner with companies”

Nov 20, 2017

Samir Sabnis, Managing Director, ACOEM India, in this interaction with Megha Roy, highlights the current challenges witnessed in the industry and shares his thoughts on how an eco-smart production process can help manufacturers minimise the burden on the natural & non-renewable resources. Excerpts…

According to recent reports, India is ranked 116 out of 157 nations on a global index towards achieving sustainable development goals. How does ACOEM India strategise in this regard?

ACOEM Group’s mission is to help companies and public authorities reduce their environmental impact by offering technology & services that enable them to increase the efficiency in their production plants by improving reliability of the industrial machines and consequently improving the emission air quality. ACOEM India will work on the same lines by providing sustainable solutions that would help companies to measure the impact on the environment & control it accordingly. We want to help Indian manufacturers build an efficient and eco-smart production process and eventually reduce the burden on our natural & non-renewable resources.

Can you brief us on your latest innovations in terms of measurement, analysis and control of all environmental parameters?

As our tagline says – smart monitoring, diagnosis & solutions; the ACOEM Group, through its various brands – OneProd, Fixturlaser, Ecotech, 01dB offers products for various applications in the complete industry spectrum. Our environmental division offers air, water quality & noise monitoring systems. The Ecotech continuous air quality monitoring systems across India are helping in monitoring and aiding in controlling pollutants across cities and industries. In addition, we have patented technologies in the plant maintenance domain like the OneProd Falcon Accurex® & Online Vibration Monitoring system with auto machine diagnostics.

What are the major market demands in your industry? How do you address them?

The biggest concern for any manufacturer is to operate at zero breakdown rates and maintain consistent production. We offer a range of solutions that help in monitoring, predicting and offering corrective measures to enable production facilities to be aware of their machinery health & operate them with minimal or no breakdown. The other gap in the Indian market today is the lack of trained manpower for vibration. We have also tied up with Mobius Institute for Certified Vibration courses that the ACOEM India experts would be providing.

How does ACOEM contribute in increasing the productivity and reliability of industrial machinery? Can you cite some examples?

Our OneProd & Fixturlaser brands offer the latest vibration monitoring & laser machinery alignment systems. With these technology offerings, the plant operators & plant maintenance teams can make themselves aware of the current machine conditions and plan their maintenance schedule accordingly. Even ensuring that the machinery alignment is within the specified limits with our laser alignment products can have a substantial positive impact on the efficiency of the operations. This is all the more important when we realise that more than 50% of the machinery failures happen due to miss-alignment.

Going forward, what are your short-term and long-term plans for the Indian market?

ACOEM is a new entrant in the Indian market as a combined entity. We would first want to make our presence felt by reaching out to our wide but fragmented customer base. We want the Indian manufacturer to gain advantage of the latest technologies that our company can offer. We want to establish ourselves as go-to company for solutions relating to production reliability. As a company, we are looking to collaborate, develop and partner with companies looking to put in place a process at par with international manufacturing standards. On a larger scale, our company is eyeing to integrate the latest technologies from the ACOEM Group basket within the Indian manufacturing sector. As a technology consultant as well, we would look to provide International Standard Trainings to Indian engineers. Lastly, we would continue developments at our existing global standard manufacturing facility from Ecotech India.

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