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COOLING SOLUTIONS FOR SHOP FLOORS Lean manufacturing: Growth for streamlined manufacturing

May 25, 2022

Though based on simple cooling mechanism, the industrial evaporative cooling plays an instrumental role in improving the employee morale & increasing productivity and accuracy by creating a healthy working environment through comfortable temperature and supply of fresh air. The article emphasises on the importance of right cooling solutions for shop floors and the level of productivity they can increase. - Varun Pahwa, President, Desiccant Rotors International

The buzzword in recent times has been COVID-19. The pandemic’s impact has been phenomenal across the globe, with millions of people losing jobs and industries & enterprises pulling down their shutters. In spite of this, many organisations have been able to withstand and also perform better than others.

Manufacturing sectors have adopted unnumerable changes to fight out the pandemic’s impact. This drives us to the focal point of having efficient manufacturing systems, and that’s where the concept of lean manufacturing takes centre stage.

Maximising productivity on shop floors

Highly controlled and stable environment must be provided for which ‘desiccant dehumidification’ technology must be employed to achieve ultra-low dew point that monitors the processing of all hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive materials. Having talked about the heavy processing manufacturing units, shop floors also form an integral part of the business where assemblage or production activity is carried out. Shop floors may deploy automated systems, make use of human assets, or utilise the combination of both for a wide range of activities including design specification, assemblage of parts, processing of raw materials, etc.

Owing to the complex activities a lot of heat is generated within the premises of the shop floor which can have an adverse effect on the quality of the manufactured goods and even meddle with the efficient working of the machines. Additionally, the stagnant indoor air is not only the source of discomfort but also encourages the growth of viruses and bacteria within the space. Poor ventilation in combination with bad air quality can invariably have a negative impact on the health of the employees and contribute toward high rate of illness. Compounding the problem, the hot and stuffy spaces can be responsible for reduction in concentration and accuracy, leading to decreased productivity of the employees.

As such, factory managers and owners constantly consider the viable options available to provide the people working on the shop floor with a comfortable environment throughout the process. As these spaces are highly involved in operations that increase the cost of power and energy, it is important to choose an efficient air treatment system, which is also environment-friendly. It will have an intricate role to play in providing good quality indoor air that will add value by ensuring the health and comfort of the occupants. Consequently, it will also increase the productivity of the employees. But providing cooling solutions for such a large area can be very challenging & even impose high cost on the companies to install, run and maintain the machines.

Industrial evaporative cooling

Industrial evaporative cooling is one of the most viable solutions, providing factory cooling systems in the most economical way. The ARCTIC range of ducted evaporative cooling comes with a range of custom solutions that provides cooling solutions for large spaces even in warm and tropical weather conditions. Evaporative cooling systems have the ability to cool down large industrial and commercial spaces through an environment-friendly route. This system is highly efficient in rendering a comfortable environment for the occupants of the space by removing heat which accounts for increase in work capacity of the individuals.

Even in the peak summer months, evaporative air cooling can reduce the temperature from 45oC to 27oC in hot and dry areas of large spaces against the harsh outdoor conditions, and that too in a very cost-effective manner. It is the most energy-efficient and natural way of cooling that works on the principle of evaporating water into the air. The system provides ventilation by utilising 100% natural fresh air from ambient surrounding and ensures supply of oxygen for a healthy and comfortable space.

As a result, it helps in the circulation of fresh air in spaces which otherwise are stuffy. It does this by drawing in hot, dry air and filtering it through water-saturated cooling pads. This is responsible for the evaporation of water and induces the formation of a cooling vapour. As a result, the entire mechanism reduces the temperature by 10-12oC or more depending on the climactic or outdoor conditions before directing the air to either a central location or desired room with the help of vents. Given the innovative cooling solution, it is advisable that evaporative cooling systems are installed on shop floors instead of air conditioning systems which pose humongous initial and running costs.

The installation of the system requires small investments. Additionally, the systems are backed with high saturation efficiency, are self-supporting and come with highly adsorbent materials that add to the efficiency of the systems. Along with this, considering that the systems rely on fans and water pumps, evaporative cooling is highly energy-efficient in its processing which reduces the running costs of the machine. It utilises less fan power to achieve the same level of cooling as the air conditioners; hence, it has the capacity to drastically reduce the operational costs by consuming 80% less electricity as compared to air conditioning systems.

Not just this, it is an eco-friendly product, showing care for environment with the help of green air-conditioning that conditions the air by evaporative cooling. And unlike air-conditioners this system is not dependent on any sort of gases or harmful refrigerants, thereby contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. The evaporative cooling makes use of advanced technologies that enable smart control with the help of temperature and RH sensors. There are even sensors to maintain the quality of water. Cumulatively, smart operation modes are applicable for providing comfort all-round the year.


The optimal factory cooling solution not only reduces the temperature but also improves the indoor air quality in the shop floor environment with the help of the exhaust that removes the fumes, odour, carbon dioxide and other airborne impurities and built-in dust from the area. In addition to providing a cool comfortable environment for the employees, the various industrial applications inherently require the air to be cooled down. It comes handy in providing ventilation in a lot of industries ranging from textile, tea processing, engineering, plastic, automotive, food processing and so on that require proper ventilation and cooling of air to support the removal of heat generated during the operations.

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