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K K Kaushik


TechNEXA Technologies

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DIGITALISATION It’s important to understand the value of digital from the very beginning

Dec 10, 2019

…says K K Kaushik, COO, TechNEXA Technologies, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He explains how there is still a lack of research and knowledge when it comes to companies turning digital, how the future belongs to digital technology and how the start-up sees itself as a ‘brand agnostic’ trusted technology solution provider in the next five years. Excerpts…

How do you enable a customer’s true digital transformation, through multi-cloud managed services, professional services and managed services?

The biggest challenge is that while people have accepted that digital is the way forward, there is still a significant lack of research and knowledge. We help organisations to bridge the gap between their IT operations and the business requirements. The first step is enabling a technical transformation, i.e, balancing computing infrastructure via the right mix of on-premises and cloud platforms. The second leg of the journey is to use these technologies such as cloud, IoT, managed services, mobile, social, data and analytics to drive speed to market. For this, we understand the customer requirements, technology vision and current IT infrastructure by using best industry practices. We become their trusted partner in the emerging technology space to gain real value from their digital initiatives. Whether it’s choosing between the public, private or hybrid cloud or outsourcing application development, we help them choose the right path for their future success.

With cloud comes the concept of managed services and remote infra managed services and other professional services. A lot of companies struggle to take that first step towards their cloud journey. So, we help them understand the need and benefits and the operational efficiencies that can be driven through it and aid them in creating a business case for their management. We help IT departments move from being a cost centre to a profit centre.

How does your start-up enable companies to face the challenges associated with digital transformation?

We go beyond simple IT assistance and infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, NOC services, professional services, cybersecurity and managed services to enable true digital transformation. Many new start-ups are mushrooming up and at the same time, many such are closing down because of the lack of funds of clear-cut, long-term strategy, systems and processes. We are very clear on our technology roadmap. We are also investing in creating the ‘centre of excellence’ around emerging technologies like security, cloud, analytics, NOC/SOC/NAC, AI/ML and blockchain. Besides, we have a 10-seater NOC based out of GGN and plan on setting up SOC and NAC in two quarters from now.

Your customers range from SMEs to large companies. Does each of them pose a special challenge?

The challenges are not primarily about the segments alone, but are also industry specific. Lots of mid and large segment customers come with legacy baggage and are averse to adopt changes because of obvious reasons and comfort within the current scenario. Whereas, we have seen small & medium-sized businesses and start-ups adapt to changes more willingly and much faster. They are probably also more willing to be flexible with IT resource needs and going OPEX, rather than blocking funds to set up on Prime Infrastructure.

What new technologies or trends do you expect for digitisation in your industry in 2020?

It’s important to understand the value of digital from the very beginning. We see multi-cloud, analytics, AI/ML, blockchain and cybersecurity solutions leading and taking the front seat. The future belongs to digital technologies, with cities going smart and IoT taking up – smart homes/classes/cities are all catching up rapidly. And all of this has allowed new entrants and like-minded people to come from an unexpected place.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

We see ourselves as a true ‘brand agnostic’ trusted technology solution provider and advisor for the new-age world. We plan on continuing to build around competencies to scale up and be future-ready.

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