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Carl Doug McMillon

President & CEO


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QUALITY MANAGEMENT Intelligent risks to be the best

Jun 11, 2019


Infamously known as ‘The Man Reinventing Walmart’, Carl Doug McMillon, the youngest CEO and President to be appointed by Walmart Stores Inc, has been the driving force in bringing about revolutionary changes within five years of his appointment. McMillon leads a strong management team who are working towards the Walmart motto, ‘Save Money & Live Better’.

McMillon’s first association with Walmart was during his early teens as a summer associate at the distribution centre; post his MBA he rejoined Walmart through the buyer training program as buyer incharge. From being a buyer in-charge to the President and CEO of Walmart, the business tycoon has worked his way up the ladder helping him understand all aspects of the company, including what customers and employees want.

He took charge as the President and CEO of Walmart Stores Inc during a period of slow growth, sluggish sales and increased competition from rivals. Within the first 16 months on the job, he put new executives into key roles, accelerated investments in e-commerce, and made news by investing $2.6 billion in customer service that included increasing staff pay and training. McMillon believes that caring for his employees is critical for the success of the retail giant. He is also of the opinion that boosting the morale of employees brings better business and that today’s cashier is tomorrows store manager.

McMillon’s leadership style and goal match quite to that of Sam Walton’s, when he opened the first Walmart. In addition to the old school leadership style, he has kept up with social and technological trends and has been working towards ensuring that Walmart embraces the rapidly changing retail environment. From risk-taking acquisitions, like the purchase of to investing in the future of the industry by prioritising workforce solutions, McMillon states “there is no growth without change, & there is no meaningful change without risk. So, get comfortable with an intelligent level of risk”.

The exceptional magnate has been spearheading initiatives that empowers businesses to be a force for good, and his embracement of bold decisions and blazing trail into the unchartered territory has made Walmart a leading retail store. “Our goal isn’t to be big, it’s to be the best. And that’s measured by our customers’ satisfaction,” he says. He proves to have a global sensibility & constantly finds innovative ways to develop new markets globally and domestically. His dedication, vision & passion for his company’s customers and associates is an inspiration to retail executives around the world.

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