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The user interface of the Bike Frame Analyzer app showing the effective stress on the frame with a 180-degree crank angle

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Simulation & Analysis Integrating simulation with CAD

Feb 6, 2017

LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS from COMSOL allows users to build simulation apps that integrate with CAD. Users of SOLIDWORKS software can now fully benefit from the power of multiphysics analysis through simulation apps.

COMSOL has announced an update to its LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS® product. As an add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics® software, LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS® allows a CAD model to be synchronized between the two software packages.

Connecting within the SOLIDWORKS® Interface

The latest version of LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS® allows easy access for launching and running simulation apps that can be used in synchronicity with SOLIDWORKS® software. Simulation specialists and analysts can now build apps with the Application Builder to let users, such as design engineers, to analyse and modify a geometry from SOLIDWORKS® software right from the tailor made interface of the app. Users can browse and run apps from within the SOLIDWORKS® interface, including those that use a geometry that is synchronised with SOLIDWORKS® software.

New app: Bike Frame Analyzer

With this update of LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS® a new ‘Bike Frame Analyzer’ app has been added to the application libraries in order to show the new capabilities. This app leverages LiveLink™ for SOLIDWORKS® to interactively update the geometry while computing the stress distribution in the frame that is subject to various loads and constraints. Using this app, you can easily test different configurations of a bike frame for different parameters such as, dimensions, materials, and loads. The app computes the stress distribution and the deformation of the frame, based on the structural dimensions, materials, and loads/constraints of the bike frame.

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