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The HANNOVER MESSE 2017 Press Preview tooks place on 9 February 2017, at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany

Hannover Messe 2017 Integrated Industry—Creating Value

Apr 12, 2017

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, the 2017 edition of Hannover Messe has already struck a chord with the added value that is unleashed when factories and energy systems go digital. With a special focus on Industry 4.0, the exhibition is all set to highlight concepts like Cobots, Predictive Maintenance, Digital Twin and so on. A read on…

With the theme ‘Integrated Industry—Creating Value’, Hannover Messe 2017 is all set to open its doors on April 24, 2017, at Hannover, Germany. With a predictable exhibitor count of 6,500 and featuring Poland as its official partner country, the show focuses on the spirit of innovation globally.

Organised by Deutsche Messe, the preview was held at the Hannover Exhibition Centre in Hannover, Germany, where around 40 companies presented their latest products and innovations to more than 100 journalists from all over the world. Sharing insights on the upcoming show, Dr Jochen Koeckler, Member of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover, remarked, “With our focus on Industry 4.0 applications, we look forward to create value for the manufacturing & energy sectors, our employees as well as customers.” He further stated that the technologies needed for a successful digitalisation of industrial production are fully developed and ready-to-go. “The task now is to ensure that decision makers from the industry and energy sectors understand the direct, long-term benefits that digitalisation can offer to their organisations, business models and employees,” he added.

Addressing the industry

Discussing the benefits of Industry 4.0, Dr Ansgar Kriwet, President—Sales, Festo AG, presented an interesting discussion on “Industry 4.0—Evolution/Revolution”. As per Dr Kriwet, “Today, there has been an increasing demand for industrial products and the challenge here is to simplify Industry 4.0. So, our focus currently is to concentrate on digital simplicity so as to create value. All this will be showcased during the upcoming exhibition.”

Emplacing the importance of robots in the show, Prof Dr Sami Haddadin, Creator, FRANKA EMIKA & Director—Institute of Automatic Control, Leibniz University, Hannover, addressed the crowd on the conceptualisation of robots in todays’ automated world. “The future of robotics comprises of interaction, connectivity and learning. While earlier, robots were in use so that the human tasks becomes easy. Today, the entire concept of robots have evolved and they are used now to serve humans in a secure manner, besides easing their tasks.” FRANKA EMIKA, under the supervision of Dr Haddadin works on generating light-weight robots and will be showcasing a few robots at this year’s exhibition as well.

Poland has been designated as the official Partner Country at this year’s Hannover Messe. Representing the country was Tadeusz Koscinki, Deputy Minister of Economic Board, Poland at the preview. According to Koscinki, the exhibition will witness Poland’s industrial sector’s innovative spirit and dynamic uptake of digitalisation. “These are the factors that make Poland an important player on the global stage. Also, Germany is Poland’s biggest bilateral trading partner. This partnership will help us strengthen ties with companies in Germany,” he shared.


The five-day exhibition will feature integrated energy, digital twins, machine learning, predictive maintenance, smart materials and networked and collaborative robots (cobots) with Industry 4.0. Focussing on digitalisation, the exhibition promises to showcase the benefits of digitalisation and creating value for the industry. In addition, the exhibition will feature seven parallel shows—industrial automation, MDA (motion, drive & automation), digital factory, energy, ComVac, industrial supply and research & technology.

Parallel shows

Industrial automation: Today, only companies who are willing to invest in modern automation technologies will be at the head of the pack in the digital race. The show will showcase a broad range of forums, conferences, etc that offers a chance to learn more about the key issues affecting industry today.

Motion, Drive & Automation: At the MDA show, one will witness the technologies that will keep tomorrow’s factories moving. MDA features future-defining innovations for the entire value chain.

Digital Factory: In the future, suppliers, producers and clients will all be integrated and networked. What is needed is a strong, vital network between IT and mechanical and electrical engineering. The show will demonstrate these aspects of the digital world.

Energy: New technologies will ensure the success of the energy transition. Experts from a variety of disciplines are working now on trailblasing concepts, which will allow generating, store, transmitting and distributing electric power more cleanly and cheaply than ever before.

ComVac: Process automation, pneumatic systems, eco-friendly exhaust-air cleaning systems are all integral to tomorrow’s smart factories, and they all depend on advanced vacuum-air and compressor solutions. The show will display these technologies.

Industrial supply: There is a demand for industrial processes and end products to become more efficient and durable. At the same time, the networked factory of the future requires smart workpieces, components and systems that can be seamlessly integrated into an intelligent manufacturing process. Innovative supplier solutions will be on display at the show.

Research & technology: What was dismissed as science fiction yesterday is within reach today. Experts from science and industry will be coming together at the exhibition to lay the foundations for visionary products and applications. One can take a look at the future with them: from adaptronics to bionics and organic electronics.

Exhibition trendspots

Predictive maintenance: Digitalised production processes generate data which are then analysed by various upstream and downstream systems. Very soon will manufacturing systems incorporate machine learning technologies that analyse this data centrally and feed results back to the production machines in question, thereby, enabling them to learn and self-optimise.

Putting people first: With time, instead of focusing on repetitive manual tasks, factory employees will increasingly be called upon to solve problems, make decisions, innovate and drive value-adding initiatives. For this, manufacturers will need to invest in up-skilling and education measures.

Cobots: Collaborative robots are self-learning and connected to the cloud. With time, they are getting cleverer and cheaper to buy, making them a cost-effective gateway to the benefits of Industry 4.0, particularly for smaller companies. Much like drones today, cobots will eventually develop into a mass market that will give rise to a wealth of new business ideas.

Digitalisation: The goods produced by smart factories will stay connected with their manufacturers throughout their service lives, supplying a constant stream of valuable data. This data will enable the manufacturers to develop additional web-based services and to pursue new business opportunities outside the confines of their traditional industries. The upcoming exhibition will witness industrial subcontractors demonstrate how digitalisation lies in the development of completely new business models and in the markets these business models tap into.

Technologies for energy transition: Without digitalisation, it will not be possible to make the switch from today’s outmoded centralised power plants to modern, highly-efficient energy systems that are based on renewables and distributed generation structures. The upcoming exhibition will showcase changes in the energy industry as well as individual technologies.

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  • Focussing on digitalisation, the exhibition promises to showcase the benefits of digitalisation and creating value for the industry

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