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Sumeet Doshi

Country Manager – India

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)

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WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Innovate anticipating what the demands of the future could be

Mar 25, 2021

…mentions Sumeet Doshi, Country Manager – India, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) — a global leader of workforce management solutions – in his conversation with Anvita Pillai. He details on employee safety post-pandemic, changing work scenarios, innovation during the pandemic and more. Excerpts…

Employee safety has become ever-so crucial in recent times owing to the pandemic. How is Ultimate Kronos Group helping improve employee safety within organisations?

As workplaces open, employee health and safety has become more critical than ever. At UKG, we are helping organisations track the complete experience, right from when the employee leaves his home, through his time at work, till he reaches back home, as these are critical elements of the employee journey. We offer a seamless experience through our scheduling solutions combined with AI and analytics.

Shop floors are still working on social distancing and minimum employees present there. How is your company working on easing work on the shop floor abiding by this regulation?

People-based planning is key to ensure that social distancing is in place. Our solutions ensure that wherever there are resource gaps or need for the right level of visibility on the shop floor, our complex AI-based algorithms identify replacements, ensure the shop floor is correctly staffed and offer real-time visibility to the workforce.

How did your company adapt to & overcome the pandemic’s challenges while ensuring innovation continues to happen in the solutions you deliver?

We realised that we needed to help firms keep their employees safe. In the initial pandemic days, we looked at how our analytics could add value in this space and introduced an automated reporting capability for employee contact tracing, which would trace and communicate to employees who may have contacted a co-worker who presumed positive for COVID-19. Besides, we enhanced our contactless attendance by introducing facial recognition. We also integrated with solutions partners to enhance our overall solutions footprint.

Can you elaborate on the trends in the focus areas of manufacturing organisations dealing with human resource planning through policy interventions post-pandemic?

Due to COVID-19, firms have accelerated flexible work & employee health policy inclusions to attract & retain talent. Compared to 46% of services organisations that have separate policies for their remote workers, only 28% of manufacturing has distinct remote working policies, which shows that the manufacturing needs to use this as an opportunity to enhance the digitisation of its workforce. The study also showed how employee metrics, such as productivity and absenteeism for remote and mission-critical staff, are undergoing a change in the ‘new normal,’ with 33% of manufacturing organisations confirming a decline in productivity for the workplace staff.

What are the future plans for UKG, the long- and short-term both?

The pandemic emphasised how critical digitalisation of the workforce is, and hence, in the short-term, we have been working with our prospects & customers to ensure that some of these requirements are addressed to get their employees back to work safely. In the long-term, we continue to evolve our solutions and innovate anticipating what the demands of the future could be. Offering more industry-focused solutions by investing in best-in-class technology around AI and analytics to improve user experience will all be a part of that journey.

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