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Sanjay Kulkarni

Managing Director

Pilz India

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SAFETY & INTEGRATION Industry 4.0 is already a reality in the production process

Sep 4, 2019

… cited Sanjay Kulkarni, Managing Director, Pilz India, in his conversation with Anvita Pillai; wherein, he discusses the evolving automation industry, progress in safety and security adoption, the journey of Pilz India and furthermore. Excerpts...

How according to you has the automation industry grown over the years and do you think that the Indian market is ready to adapt to this evolving industry?

In the last two decades, technology has evolved and transformed the nature of the manufacturing industry. Digitalisation and IoT are playing an important role in industrial automation. Industry 4.0 transforms the idea of smart factory’s connectivity within factories, suppliers and customers into reality. It will be important, and the Indian market should be ready to adapt to these requirements. It is no longer just an initiative, it is already a reality in the production process, and we feel this is also a need of the Indian market. The Indian industry should explore these changes and invest in latest technologies in order to adapt these changes.

Safety and security are of upmost importance in your industry but it is often taken lightly. How does your latest product, PSS4000 system, prove as a solution for safety and security?

Since its inception, Pilz India has worked very hard for creating safety awareness in the Indian market. Initially, cost was the most sensitive factor for the industry, but now people are moving towards adopting safety and security. Communication with each other, information on work pieces, and self-organisation; these are the three important factors of a modular and decentralised structure of smart factory. And for this, Pilz offers its customers fool-proof automation solutions for Industry 4.0. The PSS 4000 automation system is the ideal solution for smooth production and that includes project safety and automation. We always guarantee the safety of humans and machines without compromising the security.

Which are the industries under focus for Pilz in India? Where is the maximum business coming from?

We offer solutions to diversified industries. Our major focus is on OEMs like robotics, packaging, wind energy, metal processing and other machineries. When it comes to the end users, automotive, food & beverages, health care and process industry are the focus sectors of Pilz India. We get our maximum business from automotive, food & beverages and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Could you tell us about some of the noteworthy projects accomplished by Pilz during its journey in India?

Under the motto of ‘We automate, safely’, Pilz India since 2011, has completed many projects in India as well as in Asia. We have offered services of complete safety life cycle to a gear manufacturing company for 70+ machines, safety upgradation of various machines to pharmaceutical manufacturer, automation of press line in automotive industry, assessment and validation of new production line for a food & beverage plant (from procurement to production), automation solution with PSS 4000 for a rubber manufacturing line and tyre manufacturing line. Apart from these projects, Pilz has also completed CE marking of production lines for gear box assembly, clutch assembly, duel mass flywheel assembly and many more.

What is in store for the future of Pilz? What would you say are your short-term and long-term plans?

Considering latest automation trends, we are aligning ourselves with products as well as services. We have already entered into Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) with services and products. Offering this to the Indian market is our top-most priority in addition to the PSS 4000 automation systems. At Pilz India, technology leadership and professional competence is our priority and we will invest more into this and grow with the changing industry trends.

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