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Mechatronics & Fluid Power “Indian influence on the world market”

Jan 1, 2016

…says Siddhu Jolad, Director, Radcam Technologies India. In this interview with Megha Roy, he discusses that there is trillions of dollar growth expecting over the period of next few years in India. He also briefs his company’s strategies to become a global player across the software service landscape worldwide.

Can you brief us on the recent developments in the engineering software for industries like automotive, aerospace, medical, electric and oil & gas?

The software industry intervention has only increased over the last few years in manufacturing segment and simulation. Be it automotive or aerospace, today, we have to be very careful in terms of ensuring safety of passengers once the product is out in the market. As such, lot of work actually happens in the design stage itself, be it optimising your resources or cutting the cost of end product or even the testing of product at extreme conditions. Also, the carbon emission norms, safety norms and comfort level demand have increased the need of better engineering. So, ultimately it’s the software tools that paves a way to modify things and test them before they go on the ground.

What are the major trends that you observe in the sheet metal design and plant design applications, today?

Indian customers are very different than customers in Europe or America. We have a very diversified and demanding market in India and the government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign has only added attention of the globe towards this. In this context, in our company’s Radan software for that matter, everybody takes a note of what needs to be done to meet customers’ demands. If you look at any big brand/product which comes from Europe or the US or any corner of the world, it will have an Indian influence on it.

Can you highlight on the major breakthrough products from your company set for launch in 2016?

We are showcasing Radan software’s new release of 2016 during IMTEX 2016. Our software has grown over the years—be it accepting raster images to make drawings or accepting latest file formats from other platforms, our company now supports automatic tool changer in the CNC press brakes. Radan has always been pioneer to run CNC punching, laser and plasma machines since 1976. Today, its rich history of four decades makes it more experienced and customer input based than any other in the market. We were earlier limited only to 2D cutting, but over the past few years as the trend was changing, our company shifted its focus to multi-axis lasers and tube cutting lasers. We successfully support almost all make machines available in the market as on date.

Can you share your global market expectations in 2015-16 term? How do you look at the potential in the Indian market?

Radcam Technologies would like to be a global player and, hence, we have already started activities in the middle-east and other Asian countries. There is trillions of dollar growth expected over the period of next few years in India, and I am sure the world is taking a note of it. We have grown in multiples over past two years and we plan to repeat the achievement every year. All of this positive environment should be helping us to reach the mark.

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