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Precimaster Plus

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Specials Indexable-head reaming system

Nov 2, 2015

Seco Tools has expanded its Precimaster Plus high-precision, indexable-head reaming system to include new shanks featuring built-in floating and adjustability. These new options further strengthen the system’s potential benefits by improving hole surface finishes, eliminating run-out and correcting for misalignment without the use of special toolholders. The new PMX-FL and PMX-AD shanks use compact internal systems to providing floating and adjustability. This minimises overhang by allowing the reamers to be positioned closer to the machine spindle noses when compared to the traditional special toolholders required for these functionalities. The unique built-in floating system applies to both static and turning-machine reaming applications and is purely mechanical, resulting in higher stability than the rubber or elastomere-type technology found in other toolholders on the market that are intended to provide similar performance. The system’s diverse range of shanks and heads provides the flexibility needed to optimise a wide variety of reaming applications.

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