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GV Dasarathi, Director—Applications, Cadem Technologies

Image: Cadem Technologies

Manufacturing IT “Improving productivity & skill development is a priority”

Nov 21, 2017

GV Dasarathi, Director—Applications, Cadem Technologies, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, discusses his company’s latest Industry 4.0 products, while emphasising the importance of cost-effectiveness in these solutions. Excerpts…

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What are the recent advancements and breakthroughs in software for manufacturing?

Two of the biggest pain points in manufacturing are improving productivity and skill development. Keeping this in mind, there is a lot of development in software in these areas. In case of productivity, there is a lot of action in cycle time reduction, production scheduling, machine monitoring and Industry 4.0 software. Skill development is another area, which has become important in India lately because labour productivity has become critical. There is multimedia training software, there are simulators for welding and machine operation that enable training to be done safely and at low cost.

What are the essential factors to be considered by the shopfloor officials while choosing CAM software?

CNC machining applications are in the three broad areas of tool & die making, production machining, and aerospace parts machining. The processes could be metal forming, sheet cutting, EDM, milling, turning, grinding, etc. The requirement in each application area and process is very different and there is no one-size-fits-all software. For instance, requirements in tool & die milling are very different from those in production milling. Purchase decision makers must choose software that handle the specific application best and not be taken in by vendors’ claims that their software handles everything.

Customers today demand reduced cycle time, reduced downtime, reduced programming time and an increase in profits. What solutions does your company offer in order to cater to this demand?

Cadem Technologies has Industry 4.0 products based on production monitoring, CNC programming, cycle time reduction and CNC skill development. Reducing downtime, cycle time and ignorance summarises the motto of our product range.

We have the LEANworks machine monitoring system to reduce machine downtime and waste. Our CAPSturn and CAPSmill CAM software improve CNC turning and milling profitability through maximum utilisation of spindle capacity. They reduce cycle time, determine machining cost and scrap sale value, spindle power and torque usage. Our ProfiCNC suite of CNC training products enable training in machining basics, programming and machine operation.

Given that the manufacturing industry is moving towards Industry 4.0, what are your company’s latest developments aligning to this trend?

We recently launched our Industry 4.0 product, LEANworks cloud machine monitoring system. LEANworks increases shopfloor profits by reducing machine downtime, part rejections and consumables usage. It tracks machines’ activities and reports them to decision-makers wherever they are on the internet. There is a variety of reports on downtime, OEE, rejections, maintenance, consumables usage, etc. One also get alerts on SMS/email so that they can take immediate action on urgent problems like target shortfall, high downtime, high rejections and machine breakdown.

The system is plug-and-play and can be deployed in just an hour. It is targeted at MSMEs as a very affordable doorway to Industry 4.0 with our tag line: “Costs as much as a cup of coffee per day”, which emphasises on its cost-effectiveness. They can pay monthly or yearly so Capex is converted to Opex.

What are your company’s future plans for the Indian market? How do you plan to expand your company’s market presence in the Indian market?

Our focus area is going to be Industry 4.0 with our flagship product LEANworks Cloud. We are in the process of signing up OEMs and resellers for this product. It works with any machine–CNC, conventional, PLC or electromechanical, hence, potential OEMs are manufacturers of any machine and not just CNCs. The same logic applies for potential resellers.

Our skill development products were earlier being targeted only at training centres of industries and institutes. However, we are now targeting individuals too in industries who want to self-learn. Thus, e-learning is a big focus area.

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