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CAD/CAM (Promotion) If productivity matters, choose ESPRIT CAM software

Dec 1, 2015

DP Technology has come up with one of the most revolutionary modules which is confined and specially customised for medical industry. This gives a chance to all the medical companies to make use of something which is specialised in their sector and kick-start its implementation from day one.

The medical industry now faces challenges met by some of the other industries in past: the need for sophisticated, robust computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software for complex machining. ESPRIT CAM software, by DP Technology Corp, is the choice of many medical-industry manufacturers like Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew Orthopedics, Orchid Orthopedics, Chetan Meditech, Meril Life & many more that seek to make high-quality, complex parts and cut programming time.

Performance enhancement is one of the major concerns in all these companies. Looking at the small sizes of variety of products it is very difficult for CAM software to provide accurate solution, automation options and reduce cycle time & programming time. With ESPRIT CAM software, the company provides training and support for its customers to improve their production line with a variety of automation options available inside the software. Any such complex operations like re-chucking, broaching, thread whirling, pinch turning/milling, support axis synchronisation, etc are easily supported inside the software.

As a worldwide leader in CAM innovation, it provides powerful solution to CNC programmers in all manufacturing disciplines. This high-performance CAM software is designed for ease of use and is compatible with all types of CNC machine tools. ESPRIT covers the spectrum of medical applications: 2-5 axis milling, 2-22 axis turning, 2-5 axis wire EDM, multitasking mill-turn machining and B-axis machine tools.

Saves time: ESPRIT maximises the capabilities of mill-turn machine tools. The software’s functionality includes mill-turn on C and Y axes and it combines turning, milling and drilling operations in one G-code program. Users can perform accurate 5-axis milling machining, whether simultaneous or indexed, and fully exploit the power and flexibility of machines equipped with a B-axis.

Accurate simulation: ESPRIT features solid and dynamic simulation that eliminates the risk of collision. Simulation applies to the whole spectrum of cycles in mill-turn (2-5 axis) machining, as well as turning with multiple spindles and multiple turrets, up to 22 axes. The programmer verifies a listing combined with all milling and turning operations, plus associated cycle periods.

Certified post processors: ESPRIT CAM software for sliding head machines generates quality G-code programs for Swiss turning that are highly optimised to minimise cycle times, reduce remnant waste, and preserve tool wear while maximising part quality. It does not provide post processor; it provides machine drives which provides accurate G-codes for any machine with any controller.

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