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OPTIMISING CARBON AND ENERGY FOOTPRINT Honeywell provides visibility and control to help realise carbon neutral buildings

Aug 10, 2022

Buildings are typically large contributors to a company’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions, yet most organisations don’t have the tools to fully understand and control the energy they consume. Energy-management-as-a-service offering allows companies to fully account for carbon emissions down to a device level. Developed in India, the Carbon & Energy Management (CEM) software is the cornerstone of full suite of sustainability-focused solutions and services.

Honeywell is working to help solve the problem of optimisation of carbon and energy footprints with its new Carbon & Energy Management, a carbon energy management software, which enables building owners to track and optimise energy performance against carbon reduction goals, down to a device or asset level.

Developed by Honeywell engineers in India, Carbon & Energy Management is the centrepiece of Honeywell’s new Sustainable Buildings solutions portfolio, which is ready now to help building owners and operators meet two pressing, yet often conflicting, objectives: reducing the environmental impact of buildings while optimising indoor air quality to support occupant well-being, with the aim of helping them to meet carbon neutral goals.

Leveraging the Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management software solution’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, Carbon & Energy Management autonomously identifies and implements energy conservation measures to help drive efficiency, resiliency, and accountability throughout a real estate portfolio. It continuously investigates, analyses, and optimises building performance, down to an asset-specific level, measuring critical sustainability KPIs including carbon emissions.

Sharing his views, Manish Sharma, VP & GM – Sustainable Buildings, Honeywell, said, “The buildings industry has long worked to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon impact, but it is imperative to make meaningful change in the near term – and that means building owners need better data about their operations. Given the increased awareness of and investment in sustainability, it is critical for a company to know – and to clearly communicate to stakeholders – how its facilities are optimising energy baselines to reduce their carbon impact. We are helping customers create new metrics for success and removing the complexity of carbon management while balancing healthier spaces with our ready now solutions.”

Further, Ashish Modi, President, Honeywell Building Technologies, Asia, added, “As a country, India has committed to emissions reduction goals. Since buildings account for a third of electricity consumption and significant levels of greenhouse gas emissions in India, our Carbon & Energy Management software offers building owners a ready now solution to help the country move towards its sustainability goals.”

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