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Image: Tyrolit

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Specials Grinding tools

Nov 14, 2017

Tyrolit offers the STARTEC PG-1 product line that provides high-performance grinding tools for peel grinding tungsten carbide

Tyrolit offers the STARTEC PG-1 product line that provides high-performance grinding tools for peel grinding tungsten carbide. The specification used involves a high-strength metal bond combined with an extremely stable diamond type, enabling long tool life and reduced noise levels during grinding.

As there are few market entry barriers with regard to solid tungsten carbide tools, many competitors are active on the international market, most of them offering lower prices. At the same time, there is a rise in the performance levels demanded by operators, such as higher stock removal rates, longer lifetimes and greater precision. In order to meet these growing demands, tools of the highest precision with complex cutting geometries and the best possible surface finishes are a must.

With the STARTEC PG-1 product line, the company is able to offer its customers the same familiar high grinding power and tool lifetimes for peel grinding. The grinding tools of the STARTEC PG-1 product line feature a high stock removal rate and reduced edge wear, as well as achieving a very good surface finish on the ground workpiece. Due to the continuous rise in the performance levels demanded by customers, Tyrolit's products are constantly under development. The new STARTEC PG-2 range for rough grinding in the peel grinding process was introduced for the first time at the EMO 2017 trade fair in Hanover.

New generation for rough grinding and smoothing

Just like the earlier model STARTEC PG-1, the new STARTEC PG-2 rough grinding wheels are also based on a high-strength metal bond and new, extremely wear-resistant diamond types. Combined with an innovative core, STARTEC PG-2 offers an even higher stock removal rate.

In line with this, the finish grinding wheels have also been optimised for our customers; they are available in a choice of new metallic or vitrified bonds. This makes it possible to select the perfect combination of rough and finish grinding wheels for any machining task with specially adapted diamond grain sizes. The high edge stability of the STARTEC PG-2 product line ensures the same familiar low wheel wear and the consequent improvement of productivity. The innovative design of the new grinding wheels means that there is absolutely no unwanted grinding noise and is significantly quieter than other grinding tools on the market.

Success factors: Process expertise and experience

Tyrolit application engineers are on hand around the world to help customers choose suitable grinding tool and the associated process parameters. Peel grinding is a very complex process, particularly when it comes to defining the right grinding and dressing parameters. the company has therefore invested in developing process expertise in the area of peel grinding. After all, the required precision, i.e. dimensional accuracy and surface finish, can only be achieved in the shortest possible process time with the optimum settings.

With the grinding wheel from the STARTEC range, operators benefit from a high-efficiency grinding tool for every grinding task – from peel grinding right through to polishing. This means that the process expertise and application technology developed by Tyrolit can benefit all customers. The company's philosophy is to offer these customers innovative, high quality system solutions and to optimise processes so that grinding times are reduced and tool quality is increased. This is a sustained approach that guarantees our customers a long-term competitive advantage.

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