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Shankar Karnik, General Manager—Industrial, ExxonMobil Lubricants

Image: ExxonMobil

Industrial Lubricants “Global lubricant market will witness growth”

Nov 2, 2017

…says Shankar Karnik, General Manager—Industrial, ExxonMobil Lubricants, in this interview with Megha Roy. He discusses how the growth of the automotive industry boosts the lubricant market, while stating the growth analysis of the concerned segment. Excerpts…

Given that the industrial lubricant market demand has been increasing rapidly in the recent years, how do you look upon the market drivers towards achieving this goal?

We are committed to helping companies be safer, productive and aware of environmental care practices. We help our customers remain sustainably competitive, produce efficiently and make their mark on the global arena, leveraging our technology leading Mobil SHCTM, MobilGreaseTM range of premium products supported by application expertise that commit & deliver advancing productivity benefits. In addition, by taking a proactive, predictive approach to maintenance through our Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) programme, we help our customers to prevent costly production delays and equipment failures, while helping to protect workers as well as the environment. With our lubricant business growing steadily, more customers are requesting superior oil analysis to improve machine efficiency and reduce downtime.

How well is India positioned in the global lubricant market? Can you highlight the major challenges faced in your industry?

India is the third largest in Asia and fifth largest lubricant market globally in consumption volume behind the US, China, Russia and Japan. However, the lubricants market is also dependent on the manufacturing and industrial business for existence & sustenance. This is also dependent on global macro trends. For example, according to a report by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), in the month of July, automobile sales have gone up by 10% in India. This appetite will drive demand for lubricants for automobiles.

The global industrial lubricant market is expected to witness a high growth rate in the upcoming years due to the growth in the automotive industry. What is your take on that?

The global lubricants market is going to witness growth with increasing demand in the market driven by end use customers. We are looking at transportation as a large and key area of growth, which would be driven by passenger as well as commercial vehicles. Growing disposable incomes will continue to boost new passenger vehicle sales, while growth in manufacturing will drive the demand for logistics and in turn further fuel the need for more commercial vehicles.

Protecting the environment is an important goal in the industrial lubricant industry. How does your company help minimise environmental impact?

Proper lubrication plays an important role in reducing the environmental footprint of industrial operations. Our company’s commitment to a lighter environmental
footprint includes delivering lubrication solutions with advanced products &
innovative services that help our customers achieve their operational and sustainability
goals. Also, our advanced lubricants can help improve component life and provide for
longer service intervals to reduce lubricant disposal and related maintenance waste.
Friction-reducing lubricants offer energy efficiency benefits by reducing energy
demand, which helps lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Moving ahead, can you share your future plans in terms of developing cutting-edge technologies and increasing market share in the business portfolio and the expansion plans for the Indian market?

At Mobil Industrial Lubricants, we work in partnership with customers to address concerns, and drive developments to help customers and their customers to make their operations more efficient and profitable. The Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ product portfolio in India is well positioned to support the economic and industrial growth taking place in the country.

We will continue to work closely with leading equipment manufacturers/builders to ensure that our products deliver the optimum performance for their intended applications and that we deliver the highest level possible of application expertise.

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