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K 160

Specials Gear hobbing machines

Mar 1, 2016

EMAG offers KOEPFER gear hobbing machine, type 160, that are perfectly synchronised for non-circular machining. Non-circular gears are making headway in many areas of application—in machines, engines, and pumps where they ensure perfectly tuned irregular power transmission. As their popularity increases, the search for an efficient way of manufacturing non-circular gears is being stepped up. Currently, the complex geometric shapes are often still manufactured by EDM, sintering, or shaping. However, this incurs relatively high costs, especially at small and medium unit volumes—due to the need for new tools, for example. Users are looking for solutions that make it possible to respond quickly to changing requirements in gear production—from circular gears to non-circular gears and back again. The K 160 gear hobbing machine carries out machining process with perfectly synchronised and dynamic machine axes. The hob follows the exact contour around the component. The procedure ensures that the teeth are cut in precisely the shape required.

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