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Kiran Naik

Director – Sales

Güdel India

GANTRY HANDLING SYSTEMS Gantry handling systems, the very essence of manufacturing processes

Nov 1, 2022

...says Kiran Naik, Director – Sales, Güdel India. In an interview with Sanjay Jadhav, he highlights the company’s journey in the past few years, while explaining how gantry handling systems from Güdel ensure safe manufacturing processes. Excerpts...

How has Güdel‘s journey been so far in India? Can you guide us through your Indian portfolio?

Güdel India came into existence in the year 2004. Over the past 18 years, we have been an integral part of our customers’ journey in automating their operations - automotive, auto components, tyres, beverages, paints, and general engineering. We are the number one player in intelligent technologies for motion and a global organisation headquartered in Switzerland. Güdel portfolio consists of high-precision components, linear axis modules, robotic 7th axis and complete gantry automation solutions. All the solutions are customisable to suit customer needs. Handling weights from just a few kilos up to several tons, our linear axes are indispensable for linear movements where dynamics, efficiency, safety and low noise levels are key. Thanks to Güdel’s modular system, our components can be easily combined to form single-axis, multiple-axis, and rotary modules.

What is it that manufacturers and component suppliers require in today‘s disruptive times?

As manufacturers and component suppliers the world over grapple to stay ahead of the competition, high-quality production, speedy output, and the ability to react promptly to market trends pay dividends. Although a skilled workforce will continue to play a key role, automation helps create a system that is flexible, efficient, and cost-effective too. This is just what the industry requires in today’s disruptive times. Hence, significant growth in the industrial automation market is highly likely.

How has the manufacturing sector helped the country when it comes to economic growth?

Multiple policy initiatives and economic reforms have spearheaded India as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today. The manufacturing sector has played a significant role in the growth of the Indian economy. The National Manufacturing Policy targets at raising the manufacturing share further. The Indian automation market is bound to see growth with all these initiatives.

How do Indian industries benefit from the new generation of Güdel gantry handling systems?

Gantry automation systems bring value by speeding up handling processes, eliminating operator fatigue, optimising floor footprint, flexibility in handling product varieties, safety, repeatability, etc. These are the very essence of current manufacturing processes and hence the adaptation of gantry solutions is well justified. The Indian market is price-sensitive to a great extent, but industries are seeing the benefits of investment in automation over the long-term.

What are the complex customer requirements to linear single-/multi-axis and rotation modules? How does it fulfil customer requirements?

Automation requirements in the Indian context demand flexibility in the automation solutions to cater to multiple variants/models of products with minimal changeovers. Axis rotation modules enable the automation systems with extended flexibility to manage these product variances. Adding to this it is the adaptability for future product varieties.

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