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Anne-Marie Walters, Global Marketing Director, Bentley Systems

Image: Bentley Systems

Smart Manufacturing “Gaining digital info on assets is key”

Sep 12, 2017

Anne-Marie Walters, Global Marketing Director, Bentley Systems, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, discusses the importance of digital technologies and the need for predictive analysis in the process industry. Excerpts…

What are the key emerging trends witnessed lately in sectors like discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, oil & gas and power generation?

Manufacturers from the process industry and oil & gas sector are realising that going digital has become important. As such, even though the oil & gas sector is under pressure and is not making investments in physical infrastructure, they are investing in digital technologies as adopting digital technologies is linked to increased productivity. This helps them in understanding how maintenance practices could be driven by the reliability of the equipment, monitoring the operations and forecasting the performance of unreliable systems ahead so that the ongoing operations do not get disrupted. It also directs their limited resources at the things that really matter. So, they are recognising that utilising IT and inserting sensors is key and analysing information that is coming through is necessary for returns. Thus, gaining digital information about existing assets for companies is important.

How does your company model to Industry 4.0? What are the products being offered from Bentley Systems that support customers as they move towards Industry 4.0?

Currently, Bentley Systems is focusing on how can we help our customers extend the life of their existing assets. We have tools that do the engineering analysis for our customers. Our software conducts predictive analysis from a structural point of view, so that we can predict the remaining life of the products. We also offer sensor technologies and solutions that not only handle structures under the sea, but also deal with vessels and pipes under high pressure. Our solutions provide risk-based analysis and risk-based inspections.

What are your company’s marketing strategies in place to address the current needs of providing customised solutions to clients?

We participate in events and seminars and are also conducting a series of webinars called Techtalks, which are short discussions on various topics. This is receiving a good response. We have replaced our training classes with these Techtalks. We are also trying to be more connected with our users and cater to their needs by enhancing our online interactions with them. We have also embedded training in our products and this is called ‘Connected Advisor’, which was launched this year in order to be more user-friendly.

With the evolution of digitalisation, how do you overview the current landscape of digital marketing in your industry?

One of the trends that we have observed is going towards mass marketing. We are customising our online platforms to cater better to the individual customers and provide personalised marketing services and interaction on the website through the use of our products, particularly with selling adjacent type of products or marketing adjacent tools. So, we are moving away from the physical platform and are focusing on more webinars, electronic communication and learning about our customer’s profiles & their preferences.

Can you share with us your strategic plans, long-term and short-term, for India? Anything specific for SMEs?

India is one of the nations where we are seeing huge growth in the use of our software. However, the infrastructure is still being developed here and we are a part and parcel of the infrastructure development. For SMEs, we are trying to find out how best to address the need for providing water sewage treatment locally. This is not being done by big companies but is being conducted by small companies all over India. In addition, we would like to package our technology & services to make it easy for SMEs to do these smaller projects and still reap the benefit.

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