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Girish Kamala

Director & Country Head – Automotive Sales

Infineon Technologies India

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AUTOMOTIVE Functional safety is becoming increasingly important in industrial applications

Sep 24, 2020

Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and automotive & power management ICs. In this interview with Juili Eklahare, Girish Kamala, Director & Country Head – Automotive Sales, Infineon Technologies India, discusses how the company’s business performance is highly dependent on how the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold worldwide, how they have been educating students in the current situation and what is their focus in the year to come. Excerpts…

You believe that your company, in the short-term, sees an opportunity in terms of safety like ABS, speed sensing, LED, sensing components upstream and downstream of exhaust, with the application of BS VI. With the COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacting how the industry functions, how do you see these opportunities being affected?

While the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on our target markets globally, resulting in weaker demand in many product areas, we are now seeing concrete signs of recovery within the automotive sector, which has been particularly hit hard. That said, our business performance is highly dependent on how the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold worldwide, the impact of the economic stimulus packages and a variety of geopolitical factors.

You have said that your company will leverage the world’s largest two-wheeler market. What is your strategy for making this possible? Do you have a target timeline for achieving this?

We have invested in a state-of-the-art lab in our Pune development centre, with a focus on EV, LED lighting, sensors and other advanced technologies, with strong emphasis on development of applications in the 2W domain. This centre of competence for the two-wheeler domain will support Indian and ASEAN markets for two-wheeler applications and will be fully operational in the next couple of years.

Infineon collaborates with Indian universities in educating future engineers and preparing them for what’s ahead. How have the teachings enhanced, as the industry is gaining a whole new experience of being managed with the coronavirus pandemic?

We recruit interns from premier engineering colleges from across the country and they are given the opportunity to work on latest technologies & learn from experts to further their knowledge. In the current situation, we have been conducting webinars on a monthly basis on various applications and technologies. We have conducted sessions under the aegis of IESA, Skill Council, etc to educate students & faculties on the opportunities in the area of automotive electronics and semiconductors.

What work is your company currently doing in the area of sensors? Do you have any new range/products coming up?

Functional safety is becoming increasingly important in industrial and automotive applications. We have expanded our angle sensor portfolio and added new variants for different functional safety requirements to the GMR sensor family XENSIV™ TLE5014. Plus, we are presenting new applications in our smart building sensor portfolio, including social distancing in public buildings and predictive maintenance of HVAC systems to detect system failures before they occur.

What is Infineon’s focus for the coming year?

With the successful acquisition of Cypress, we are taking a major step forward in implementing our strategy of linking the real world with the digital world. In the coming year, our focus would be to synergise the distinct yet complimenting portfolios of the two companies & strengthen our base in the automotive segment.

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