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Investment in automation is vital for establishing and maintaining global competitiveness

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Automation as a strategy Framing an automation roadmap to ensure RoI

Jun 5, 2018

The state of shop floor automation has changed drastically in the last decade due to reductions in the cost of automation technology. As such, companies are now more willingly undertaking automation projects for a variety of good reasons. The feature discusses the need for an effective automation strategy to be in place so as to achieve the desired return on investment (RoI).

Investment in automation is vital for establishing and maintaining global competitiveness. If you look at automation as a series of stand-alone projects, as opposed to approaching automation from an integrated strategic level on a plant- and enterprise-wide basis, it may result in inconsistent RoI, not matching with the desired level. A better approach to automation investment begins with a strategic vision that drives a methodical approach to business improvement. The following section carries opinions and observations from industry experts, analyses the appropriate approach towards automation as a strategy and devises a framework so as to implement the right technology in the right way and at the right time and place.

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